SEAS W15LY001/22TAF, built by Tom/US
Copyright 2012 Troels Gravesen

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Hi Troels. 
After starting Jenzen Illuminator , I stopped and used the coupon left-overs to build your seas W15LY+ 22TAF/G. This is my 1st ever stacked plywood -lamination build. The cab includes an internal difffuser like tony gee's 'concertino' . The diffuser makes volume calculation impractical -alternatively I measured 11.5 of cat litter and poured it in the cab . Then adjusted the last lamination to yield correct volume. The woofer coil is 12ga foil. The 2 inline tweeter caps are Superior Z . I found the best bass after filling completely with teased-out Acousti-Stuf (not packed tight). Very happy with results-plenty of clean tuneful bass , no recessed mids or bright treble. Thanks for sharing a great small design. Regards, Tom