SEAS W15LY001+ 22TAF/G, built by Daniel/Russia
Copyright 2012 Troels Gravesen

Good afternoon, Troels!
I've recently finished the 5-inch project with W15LY001 driver.
Enclusore is made of 32mm MDF and finished in black piano laquer. Crossover is made with Jantzen Superior Z-caps, Wax coils and Duelund resistors for tweeter.
After some 50+ hours of burn in and playing around with damping materials I've finally got the right sound. I tried to use car damping materials, but midrange started sounding congested, so, they were changed to felt and Visaton lambswool. Right damping material and well-braced enclosure dramatically influence midrange quality.
Also I like the sound of tweeter delivering calm and coherent presentation, despite being suspiciously cheap. It is a real bargain for the given price.
I use these speakers with 10 watt JLH class A amp and self-made CD player. 10 watt is certainly not enough, but W15 do deliver a lot of enjoyable moments, despite limited bass extension compared to big speaker.
Many thanks for sharing your projects. I'm looking forward to start building DTQWT speaker. Feel free to post and share enclosed photos.
Kind regards!
Daniel, Moscow.