Zahra built by Kim/Australia
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Hi Troels,
It has been a long time since my last email, you probably wondered what has that Aussie been up to, well I must confess that I have been very busy with boats and things for the last months the day I finished the speakers we had a very large cyclone hit us called LARRY, which did a large amount of damage to the area 25 kilometers south of us, so have not had much time for playing with the sound system. I have finished the loudspeakers, all but for the clip on grills which I need to manufacture but I am not rushing into it, I like the drivers expossed but of course my wife would prefer them covered, our black labradore also has grown out of the chewing wire habit, so all is well .
The speakers are a huge success I have only driven them from my 40 watt Valve amplifier to date, using my home made CAT5 cable Speaker looms, I have had many friends over to listen to them some of whom have a good musical ear and they cannot fault them.  I have another friend who happens also to be my local Doctor, he has spent $$$$$ on sound systems and enclosures of various manufacture and is also very critical of any sound system, and he just thinks they are fantastic and we hadn't had any red wine at that juncture.
My plan is to try them on 100W/channel solid state amplifier and check cabinet damping x-overs etc., but I think they will be OK as they sound good with 40W.  The cabinets are 20mm and 30mm New-Guinea Rosewood, the plinth timber is of Durian or Jackfruit tree 50 mm thick I hand finished both timbers with beeswax, the 30mm front and rear baffles, and tops I rebated into the cabinet, also the internal baffles of Pinewood were rebated into the cabinet side walls. I used a commercial glue called "Weldbond" to glue cabinets.
All componets were installed using S/S screws with the plinth using 80mm X 6mm diam. brass socket head screws and inserts.  
The construction took 250hrs using lots of clamps etc. All internal wiring was done using Silver plated OFC. which I decided would be OK.
I purchased my drivers from Madisound USA and they did me a very good deal and replaced one midrange which had an open circuited voice coil in three days I had a new item on my workbench. I tried to purchase all drivers direct from Scanspeak but alas they directed me to my local suppliers who told me they could not supply those types of drivers can you believe that?! They were only interested in supplying the Scanspeak drivers for Automobile sound systems bloody! DooF. Doofs. Thank you very much for your assistance I much appreciate it and hope you like the pictures.  
Very Best Regards, Kim

- thanks to Kim for the report and pics. I couldn't be more pleased.

Kim's notes on

Cabinet Damping

Internal panel area for damping on Two Cabinets = 1.7m2.
On all internal panels I mounted 1.7m2(Two Enclosures) of 2x 1.7mm (total 3.4mm) self adhesive bitumen/ resonance damping sheets this includes the Mid-Box internals. 0.60m2 (Two enclosures) Acoustic Polyester Foam or Egg Cup Polyester foam was glued using “Liquid Nails” to the walls over the bitumen damping pads surrounding the Two Woofers, the edges of the foam will be scalloped at the front to fit each woofer.
I rolled up m x 30mm polyester sheet to be placed at the bottom of the cabinet resting on the crossover and m x 30mm at the top of the cabinet behind each tweeter resting on the top brace, also I will use a small amount to start with in the Midbox (400mm x 200mm)and another m will be used behind the Woofers depending on listening tests. Therefore Required a total of 3m of 30mm polyester fibre which I purchased from the local dress shop.
Best Regards, Kim