Zahra, built by Young, Korea
Copyright 2013 © Troels Gravesen


Hello Troels
Happy new year and I am glad to report to you that I finally finished the Zahra speakers.  This was supposed to be my first speaker project back in 2007 but did not have the experience and also time to finish them until this year.  It is better late than never, as you say.  Now I know I need to choose a project carefully but I am glad I had purchased all the parts back then.  I have been listening Zahra for a couple of days and the sound is developing very nicely.  I played them really loud today and the speakers deliver.  This is a fun set of speakers to listen to.  The sound of a drum is solid and a delicate female vocal can also be played quite well.  I will continue to listen to them and decide if any adjustment in damping or attenuation would be needed.
I built the enclosures with Baltic birch plywood and finished them with Australian lace wood veneer.  The front baffle is 1 inch thick African Bubinga wood.  I gave them a few coats of polyurethane and the speakers have a nice gloss now.  I used 1/2 inch thick Whispermat II for damping on inside surfaces and added 1/2 sheet of MDM-3 in the back of the woofer section and also the top and the bottom of the enclosure. Internal wirings are 12 and 14 gauge silver plated copper wire with Teflon insulation.  Each speaker now weights 27Kg and quite heavy. I thank you for sharing the construction project and will play the speakers for a long time to come, I am sure. Best regards Young.