Acapella SEas
built by Julio/Argentina

Dear Troels.

Take its design from acapella after reading much on several projects of diy. At first it doubts, since its aesthetic one leaves my taste, but the enthusiasm that you put to him in explaining the quality and exatitud of this was determining not to doubt but and to begin to construct it.
In time that I assemble it, and its design took form right change to my to seem as far as the aesthetic thing, now already finished comment to him that its beauty is amazing. As far as the sound I mean a very great change to its right, comparing with my previous speakers, I am not understood in the matter audiofila, simply likes to listen to music and single I analyze the naturalness of the instrument or the voice on my ears, I assure to him that I am astonished.
In next days comienso the construction of a monitor. I congratulate it by its dedication, work and capacity. Very I am been thankful him. Him shipment from Argentina a strong hug.
Julio Ferriol

Thanks, Julio, for your kind words. Best regards, Troels.