Acapella SE
build by Mark, California

96%. I have to put the feet on.
Wonderful design, The Stage - Depth - Image - Accuracy- & EXTENSION - the precesion and detail within the area is just amazing. It is true to reality with A neutral bond of prefection.  The linear alignment and match between drivers is as fliud in presence that I'v ever heard. If the recording is spot on there is no mistake that there is reallly something special happening, I am realizing new music I have had for many years. One small thing, You never miss it, if you have'nt had it. But I'll be, When you get it,  The Heavens opened up. I truely didn't think I was missing that much stage & dimension. I must say its wonderful to have these in my Number One spot. They'll occupy this spot for many listening seesions & bring joy & emotion to many. I am Very Pleased and wish you the Best THANK YOU ! I used all foil coils, All Solen-SCR (French) CAPS, Lynk resistors, Cardas 4/14 wire for the internal wire. The Tweeter Circuit has the Sonicaps.
I can imagine it being sweeter with the Mundrof caps. Any suggestions where to put a few on an upgrade?

Thanks to Mark for the pictures and report.
Upgrades?: Hmm.... I'm not sure Mundorf caps will make a whole lot of difference compared to the MCaps I've used. I'm no great believer in high cost capacitors from my W11 experiments. They may sound a little different, but better??