Ekta Grande built by Koen/Belgium

Hello Troels,  

It took me a while but since two month's they're finished, my Ekta G's. I hope you like what I did with them. The cabinets are exactly like the ones Jesper built but with thick wallnutveneer over the sides and a sonus faber like leather frontside. On the inside the X-over is made up from the finest components from Jantzen, cross-coils and silver cap's ( exept for the cap's in the bass section ). The sound is absolutely room filling, never heard a piano so realistic, this one makes all the previous ones rather bass shy. But... in my nerver ending quest for speaker nirvana I intend try and design my own speakers. I've read all the literature you mentioned, loudspeaker cookbook, testing loudspeakers etc. So now I feel ready for the next step; buying my own testing gear. Question remains, for the clio system I think the standard version will do but for the LSPCAD but I don't know wether to buy the standard or the pro-version. Help wanted?
That's about it for now, I keep folowing your website with lots of interest.
Thanks for all your splendid designs.  

Koen Taelemans, Belgium

Koen, thanks for sharing your experinces and taking the time to do the photos. Regards, Troels