Ekta Grande built by Martin, Taiwan
July 2009

Dear, troels:    I have builded my Ektar 6 month ago. Recently, I decided to upgrade the crossover. I used Mcap silver/oil cap for mid-range and M-cap silver/gold/oil cap for tweeters. The coil was changed from solen to Janzen wax coil. The resistor was used Duelund. I also make new "foot" for my speaker, making from soundcare + T6061 Alu. The sound have really greatly improvement. Better sound stage, more deeply bass, more sweat, natural, and more extended treble. I also try two different amps. One set is MBL 4006/8011S and other is DIY pass B1/F5. Both can drive the speaker well, but the MBL have more extended and wildly sound stage. I really enjoy this speaker. Besides, there was also some photo about my previous speaker, seas W15CY001 + Hiquphon OWI. I also change some cap from solen to Jantzen and M-cap. I also felt pretty good. Thanks for your great design.   Best regard, Martin.