Jenzen SEAS ER, built by Gerrit/NL
Copyright 2012 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels,
I finally finished my Jenzen Seas-Er speakers. As you can see on the pictures I choose the ported version. After 5 months of building i could finally hook them up to my amplifier. And yes, it was like you described! The sound was good, but they do need a long time to break in and then the sound is great! A big soundstage, lots of detail and tight bass. The speakers are playing for over a month now and the sound is still getting better. There is more on my cd’s than i knew… I made the cabinets from 30mm and 23mm plywood and veneered them with French oak veneer, The baffles are made from 22mm and 19mm mdf, glued together. And finished in graphite lacquer. As you suggested, I ordered extra tweeter attenuation resistors, and I use the 2.7 ohm now. I play the speakers with a KT88 PP tube amp and, in my opinion, this makes a wonderful combination. Manny thanks for sharing this great project.
With kind regards, Gerrit/NL