For Sale
Copyright 2020 Troels Gravesen

Everything on this page is private sale of prototype speakers, drivers or crossover components used for testing.

After receiving your purchase, unpack immediately and report damages should such occur and supply photos.

All correspondence should be addressed:

Items are sold without any warranty and there is no return.


Payment is usually via Bank Transfer.

PayPal is fast and reliabel but rip-off fee and poor exchange rates, calculate +5%.
Great for smaller amounts, like 100-300 EUR,

TransferWise. Works very well and low fees.


Items are fully functional at day of shipment unless otherwise stated.

Items will be packed to the best of my ability but no warranty against transport damages is given.
UPS offers insurance, cost is 5% of stated value.

Items will be shipped by UPS, GLS or PostNORD depending on destination.
Larger items like speakers will always be shipped by UPS or TNT.


Examples of packing

First come, first served