Shanling CD 2.1 CD player
Copyright 2012 Troels Gravesen

My workshop CD-player, a heavily modified Rotel CD 951, recently failed and despite current trends towards computer based musical libraries, I decided to invest in yet another CD player, however this one with a DAC that can be fed from my computer and allows me to explore the fuzzy landscape of digital music. When new technologies are introduced, I mostly wait to see where things are heading before investing. In terms of practicality a conventional CD-player is simply faster compared to heating up a PC and opening software and I hesitate to spend countless hours transferring all my CDs to a hard drive. But I will explore high-res downloads as this player can handle it.
I found this review of the 2.1 player at 6moons.
The long and the short of it is that the 2.1 ended up in my main system and the T80 as my workshop player. In terms of functionality the T80 is better than this 2.1, but the sound from the 2.1 may excel the T80. 
I immediately replaced the 2.1's output caps (stack foil) by Jantzen Audio Silver/Gold Z-caps and having these caps in both players they're easier comparing. I think the 2.1 is a better player and if you can live with the ideosyncratic remote control and tiny control buttons on the front, go for it.



Right image: On the right hand side of the tubes, ECC82, two 6.8 uF stack foil caps are placed and will be replaced by Silver/Golds.
The CD player must be totally dismantled to allow un-soldering of the stack-foils,
but this is easily done by loosening a few screws and removing connecting cables.
The other two 6.8 uF stack foils next to the DAC board were later also replaced by 2.2 uF silver-golds.