eBay trading - and shipping drivers
Copyright 2010 Troels Gravesen

- shipping drivers is all about shock absorption - and protecting the cones/domes

Ciare domes bought from

Drivers packed with shredded paper and in a too small box. Both drivers damaged with bent front panels.
Shredded paper is probably the worst packing material due to huge amounts of dust coming from the paper.

I strongly suggest finding another supplier should you want these fantastic tweeters. Seller has no idea of how to pack loudspeakers properly.

German green-cones bought on eBay:

This is what happens when packing is poor. Drivers wrapped in paper and put into a box no wider than the driver.
The basket in bend and the cone is bend and the surround is wripped apart.
"Das was doch sehr gut verpackt!" Sorry eBay seller, it was not. Probably the worst case ever seen.

For small light-weight drivers like the greencones, wrap in heavy cardboard and secure with tape.
Wrap in bubblewrap to make at least 5 cm on all sides. For small drivers the bubblewrap seen above will do.
For larger drivers, 8-10", use 1" bubblewrap to make at least 7-10 cm on all sides. Secure bubblewrap with tape.
(1" bubblewrap is where the air bubbles are 1" diameter)
For heavy drivers I suggest screwing the driver onto a 12-15 mm piece of plywood before wrapping.

Pack with loads of polyester nuggets - more than seen here - to improve chock absorption.

If you feel confident your packing will take a 2 metre
dump onto a concrete floor - then you have done it right.
I've spoken to people in the shipping business - and yes, this is what they do.

Dynaudio D5406 bought on eBay

Above another example from a German eBay seller of vintage drivers. These close-to-mint condition Dynaudios were nicely packed in polystyrene foam and drivers in a plastic bag. What seller didn't realise was the impact on domes from loose pieces of polystyrene and when un-packing, a chuck of this was sqeezed into the dome. ANY driver MUST have a piece of heavy cardboard or 4 mm masonite taped in front to protect dome/membrane. Do NEVER assume seller knows this!

To summarise my experience from eBay:

- seller will NEVER admit not packing properly.
- seller will blame any damage to drivers on the shipping company and if you make a complaint, you'll be advised to get a refund from the shipping company.
- blaming the shipping company is futile. These will never admit not having handled the items properly unless you can show a box that is smashed beyond recognition. In the case of the Dynaudios, the box was in perfect shape.

Always communicate with seller on packing before buying!

What he should have done is this:
- add a piece of heavy (double-walled) cardboard in front of drivers fixed with tape.
- wrap in bobble wrap, at least 1" thick.
- pack with polyester nuggets as seen for the green cones.

State-of-the-art packing from uncle-papa

Here's an eBay Seller who's got it right too:


The tweeters were put face to face with heavy duty hard rubber washers in between them and zip ties holding them together (I was going to put cardboard in between them but it was pushing on the foam rings and leaving an impression on them so I decided not to...) then I wrapped them tightly with pallet wrap. Beleive me, they are NOT going to move at all .I could not show you how the midrange was packed because it had already been packed beforehand, but trust me, it was packed well. Just so you know, the drivers were packed in the boxes with heavy duty packing paper until they could not move and then the boxes were taped all the way around with thread reinforced packing tape. Then those boxes were put into a bigger box with foam all the way around (top, bottom and sides...) and one piece of foam in between the two boxes. The packing peanuts are to compensate for the height differnce in the two boxes. Then the outer box was completly covered twice with the reinforced packing tape.  I hope you feel comfortable with this.