Sound of coupling caps found on the web:

exceptional dynamics



correct timbre

depth of field

true inter-transient silence

mess of muddy blob based on appearance

transparent and clear



girth to notes and voices

absolute resolution

indescribable musicality

less separation of notes

less anvil-taught in bass

plenty of treble and bass quantity

incredible warmth

breath-of-life type of sparkle to midrange/vocals

"airy" or minutely detailed

the highs seemed to align and balance with mids

some slowness to bass, but it's still pretty firm and hard-hitting with that roundness

lack of resolution in the midrange

liquidity and smoothness

pleasant but not kick-you-in-the-groin resolution

infinite shades of resolution riding on the oh-so-smooth sonic flow

life-like dynamic and punch

incredible "low-loss" sound

every little detail comes through

musical speed does not get impeded

bass is taught and punchy

treble extension soars

midrange seems linear

neutral, detailed, honest

harmonic beauty of the music

the "soul" if you will

overtones upon overtones gently bubbling to the surface

a bit richer and a smidge creamier

bit denser, darker, therefore subjectively a wee bit smoother through the midranges

a bit too literal or "sterile"

exceedingly smooth, smooth, yet resolved

evenness and lack of glare, grain, or bite

more insistent personality

consistently musically-revealing nature and tonality

conveys music in a flowing, suave tonality

crooner of the cap crowd

an overly dark, laid-back sound

midrange energy was quite forceful and engaging as well as richly harmonic

snappier decay

bass is more woody, richer, but just shy of the vise-grip crunch

a lean, clinical brightness

lack (of) transparency

artificial clarity is created by means of a treble “glare” in the top end