SEAS CA18RLY/22TAF-G, built by Anders, Sweden
Copyright 2013 © Troels Gravesen



Hej Troels,
Nu är projektet klart förutom lite små fix. Låter jättebra. Här kommer tre foton och en epilog på engelska om du vill ha en happy ending till vad som hände efter de grimme test-cabs-bilderna.. ;-)  Take care! //a

Well…. The routing could have been more precise. The baffles might need an extra layer of paint. The bottom spaces will be filled with sand. Probably the damping can be more optimized... and so on.
But…. If not totally flawless, the transformation from a pair of QLN Cubic 222’s with broken voice coils to a pair of SEAS CA18/RLY/22TAF-G’s has been completed without any noteworthy mishaps.
And they sings really sweet.

The cabs are 210 mm wide. Their net volume are about 32 litres, however sealable to approximately 24 litres at the lowest placed internal bracing. I sealed with the cross-over board after squeezing the components a little tighter than the kit design suggests.
The original bass ports then corresponds according to the recommended tuning option.
Could it be more perfect match for this kit?
A wee bit ungratefully: Yes..actually it could. They could have been half a feet taller and
the original tweeter is a ¾” dome is centered on the 25 mm baffle and not flushmounted, hence new baffles had to be made. I used 19 mm MDF and did not dare to just glue them straight onto the vinyl foil without a dozen of wooden screws.

Damping the cabs was exactly out of the book. Troels book. Bitumen and felt on almost every internal surface and some additional polyester fill behind woofer + top and bottom. Hands tiny enough to enter a 65 mm port hole came in really handy for applying stiff sheets of bitumen in braced cabs. Thanks again for a good design and all support.