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Welcome to my website! Below you will find articles on some of the work done over the last two decades. Building speakers has be on and off for more than forty years since high school, and with the availability of PC-based measuring equipment in the Nineties my hobby took another direction, as it became very much clear, that doing crossovers by calculation and fine-tuning by ear had its shortcomings.
Over the years my focus has moved from small and inefficient speakers to larger constructions providing less distortion and increased dynamics, things that make reproduced music live and engaging. Below you will find speakers ranging from 2 to 300 litres volume and I hope you will find inspiration for your next DIY project or buy one of the kits from Jantzen Audio.

In case you want advice on which speaker to build, please read both "choices" and "crossovers" before writing. I shall not recommend any speaker for reasons outlined in the "choices" file, and please do not ask about the sonic differences between two speakers. What I hear is unlikely to be what you will hear.

Designing loudspeakers is not necessarily rocket science. Designing loudspeaker drivers is another thing, but picking 2-3 drivers and making a suitable cabinet and crossover is basically a matter of handling fairly simple measuring equipment, simulation software - and experience. Some call the voicing of speakers an art. I don't think so. Voicing a speakers is a matter of taste like adding spices to a stew. Some like it hot, creamy or crunchy - some don't. The ancient Greeks didn't distinguish between art and craftsmanship. Same thing. Something may be art if enough people think it is.

If you want to modify the constructions shown here, please read "crossovers" before doing so. In most cases you will need a new crossover and I would need your speaker on my test bench to tell you how. DIY SERVICE is provided in case you live in driving distance of Aarhus, Denmark. This for your up-grade of existing speakers or crossover design for your own construction.
Should you run into problems with the constructions presented here, I'll do all I can to assist in the successful implementation.

Sorry, but time doesn't allow assisting in any hypothetical combination of drivers of your own choice, nor renovation of vintage speakers not listed below.


Since January 2014, all schematics are closed, i.e. crossover components' values only comes with purchase of the kit. The reason for this can be read here. Crossover schematics alone cannot be bought.

All technical questions, contact:

For purchase of kits, contact:

None of the constructions, illustrations or information presented here may be used for commercial purposes without my written consent.


The constructions are divided into sections based on the main driver in the system, e.g. SEAS, SBAcoustics, ScanSpeak, AudioTechnology.
I'm very fortunate to be sponsored by these companies and without their generous support, very little of this would have been possible. Unless specifically stated, all constructions are based on my own preferences and I may combine drivers from different manufacturers if I think they will make good partners.

All underlined text is a link, regardless of font properties.

Regarding frd and zrd files for crossover simulation: I do not provide these from my library and please do not send your own for evaluation.

The common habit of anonymity on discussion forums is sad, I think. Why should we spend time with nobody in cyberspace? You must be somebody. If you have questions or comments, please state your name and the country you live in to give me an idea of the hifi environment you live in. Feel sure I need your response to make this website better.

I have a lot of mails and answering takes time and please do not feel neglected if my reply is short. I regard all communication between you and me as personal, so do not post my comments or graphics on discussion forums, websites, etc. without my written consent.

Smaller 2-way stand-mount speakers

4-5" midbass


6-7" midbass




Slim floor-standers - and one wide



Open and semi-open baffle speakers


Bookshelf Speakers

Bookshelf 3-Way-Classic

Speakers combining various brands


Constructions based on the 8008-HMQ high-efficiency driver

Center speakers


Subwoofer and bass module

3-way Classics, stand-mount
The most popular kits on the website


Larger 3-way floor-standers




4- and 5-way speakers



SBAcoustics Speakers




Vintage  and High-Efficiency Speakers



Up-Grade Kits for Vintage Speakers




My reference system


Recent up-dates      Builders' response     Speakers' Corner

Speaker constructions featuring drivers from:
AudioTechnology   Accuton    ScanSpeak   SBAcoustics   SEAS     Vifa    Peerless

High Efficiency Speaker constructions

High Efficiency Speakers, general info

The Jenzen speakers, 3-way transmission line designs
SEAS, AudioTechnology, ScanSpeak, Jantzen Audio and Accuton drivers

Up-Grade Kits for vintage speakers: JBL L100, Tannoy MG15, YAMAHA NS1000M

Classic 3-ways


Vintage speakers, a selection of old drivers, Tannoy, Wharfedale, Goodmans, etc

Other up-grade Kits

Open baffle speakers

Center speakers for surround sound

Pages on the use of Hypex FUSION plate-amp/DSP modules

Tests and reviews, amps, speakers

Feature articles, tips, ideas,  cabinet damping, coils, etc.

Tips & Ideas, answers to the most common question

My system, amps, CD-player and turntable

Sponsors of drivers and crossover components

Donations for downloads


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JungSon JA88-D-09 power amplifier, partly class A, for sale 550 EUR + shipping (29 kgs)

van den Hul Colibri cartridge Black Wood Grenadille, ~350 hours, 1200 EUR, free shipping within EU

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BOLD = new speaker constructions

10-04-2020: Edge-coating of drivers
04-03-2020: Update to Ellipticor-3 speaker. Hypex FA501 plate-amp/DSP, high-level input
27-02-2020: Kit prices ready for The Loudspeaker -2
16-02-2020: Testing ScanSpeak D2104/712000 3/4" dome tweeter
13-02-2020: The Loudspeaker-2
13-02-2020: More Faital 3WC stuff, Beryllium version

26-12-2019: Faital 3-Way Classic, 93 dB sensitivity, stunning dynamics
08-12-2019: ScanSpeak Ekta-25, 2½-way, 18W/8542-10/D2608/913000
19-11-2019: ScanSpeak Ekta 2D, digital 2-way
15-10-2019: Up-date on Hypex FA251 and FA501 for FUSION-BAD and MUN-17 speakers
29-08-2019: SEAS CNO-GRANDE, the final CNO speaker
08-08-2019: Edge-coating and linear distortion, prelude to CNO-GRANDE construction
08-08-2019: New copper foils caps, AMBER-Z, from Jantzen Audio, review
28-07-2019: SEAS CNO-25-mkII,
update with simpler crossover and time-aligned drivers
26-07-2019: SEAS CNO-mkIII,
update to a popular construction
03-06-2019: Bass module for SBA-741 and other smaller 5-6"+1" stand-mounts
23-05-2019: Müll oder gut für ein Schlechtwetterprojekt? Vintage Isophon P25A.
18-05-2019: SBAcoustics SBA-741
09-05-2019: ScanSpeak Studio 101 mkII
09-05-2019: ScanSpeak 32W/4878T11 for Ellipticor-3 now ready for sale
06-05-2019: High-pass filter for Ellipticor-3 - and other speakers
11-03-2019: SBAcoustics, SBA-761, floor-stander, 1st order filter
05-01-2019: Loudspeaker Modelling by Geoff Hill

31-12-2018: ATELL-3, ScanSpeak/AudioTechnology/Viawave
10-12-2018: SBAcoustics SB29BAC-C000-4 Be dome. Test.
06-12-2018: ScanSpeak Ellipticor-3, four-driver construction, 1st order filters
06-12-2018: My workshop turntable, Denon DP67L/Moerch vdh DP6/Colibri
06-12-2018: New CD-player/DAC, EAR Acute Classic
25-11-2018: SBAcoustics Satori 3-Way Classic, SBA-941
16-10-2018: ATB, powerful 2-way from AudioTechnology and BlieSMa drivers
15-08-2018: Update Hypex FUSION FA252 plate-amp/DSP
15-08-2018: FUSION-3, Hypex powered speaker
08-07-2018: Updated file on chamfering driver holes. A scary example!
17-06-2018: Testing new ScanSpeak Ellipticor 21WE/4542T00 midbass driver
22-05-2018: Testing BlieSMa T34B-4 Beryllium dome
09-05-2018: Ellipticor-4
16-04-2018: The Loudspeaker, your final speaker?
16-02-2018: Testing new 34 mm dome tweeter from BlieSMa
13-02-2018: Ellipticor-1, ScanSpeak Ellipticor drivers
08-02-2018: BOOKSHELF-3WC
07-02-2018: FUSION BAD (Bi-Amp-DSP)
nn-nn-2018: Testing ScanSpeak D2608/913000 tweeter and comparing to D3004/660000

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29-05-2020: Peerless 830860, built by Dana
23-05-2020: SBA61-NAC, built by Paul
23-05-2020: SBA-761, built by Jouke, The Netherlands
21-05-2020: SEAS CNO-mkIII, built by Lech
20-05-2020: SEAS 3WC-Classic mkII, built by Marek
16-05-2020: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Johannes, Sweden
02-05-2020: FUSION, built by Gideon
30-04-2020: ScanSpeak BOOKSHELF, built by Dominick
29-04-2020: Faital 3WC, built by Milliau
27-04-2020: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Mirek
20-04-2020: SBA-MTM, built by Brian
11-04-2020: Faital-3WC, built by Peter, The Netherlands
11-04-2020: CNO-GRANDE, built by Andrew
11-04-2020: QUATTRO-mkII, built by Carlo
09-04-2020: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Tyberiusz, Poland
11-03-2020: SBAcoustics SBA-741, built by Arjen, The Netherlands (pdf file)
08-03-2020: ScanSpeak Ekta mkII, built by Andreas, Sweden
25-02-2020: SEAS Cyclop, built by Evgenii, Russia
15-02-2020: ScanSpeak Discovery-15, built by Kevin
13-02-2020: QUATTRO mkII, built by Pieter, Belgium
12-02-2020: Poor Man's Strad, built by Pavel, Belarus. Stunning cabinet work!
05-02-2020: SEAS 5INCH, CA15RLY, built by Kevin, US
27-01-2020: FUSION, built by Tyberiusz, Poland
24-01-2020: ScanSpeak STUDIO 101 mkII, built by Giampaolo
23-01-2020: DTQWT-mkII, built by Lars, Denmark
22-01-2020: ScanSpeak Ekta mkII, built by Linus
21-01-2020: SEAS W15, built by Fred
13-01-2020: OBL-15, built by Eric, Indonesia
08-01-2020: SBA-761, built by Hein

30-12-2019: FUSION, built by Flemming, Denmark
21-12-2019: SEAS Jenzen NEXT, built by Roman, Russia
19-12-2019: ScanSpeak Jenzen Illuminator, built by Fedor, Russia
18-12-2019: ScanSpeak Ekta Grande, built by Riccardo, Italy
17-12-2019: SBAcoustics-MW19, built by Vittorio
28-11-2019: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Cees
28-11-2019: FUSION, passive version, built by Evaldas
11-11-2019: SP-44, built by Gerrie
03-11-2019: QUATTRO mkII, built by Phil, Germany
01-11-2019: Nomex 164 mkII, built by Kamil, Czech Republic
25-10-2019: ScanSpeak Ekta mkII, built by Andreas
19-10-2019: SBA-941, built by Laurent, Belgium
19-10-2019: ScanSpeak Discovery W18, built by Jens, Denmark
18-10-2019: SEAS 3WC-mkI, built by Alex, Russia
15-09-2019: SEAS CA18RLY-22TAF-G, built by Christian, DE
12-09-2019: 8008-CORNER, built by Joel
03-09-2019: SBAcoustics, SBA-3WC, built by Evelio
19-08-2019: The Loudspeaker, built by Georgi (youtube link)
19-08-2019: SEAS CNO-mkII, built by Noam
22-07-2019: ScanSpeak CSM, Compact Studio Monitor, built by Timo, Finland
16-07-2019: AudioTechnology-GRT, ATiRi, built by Phillip, US
14-07-2019: The Loudspeaker, built by Nick, UK
14-07-2019: Ekta Grande, built by Piero, Italy
25-06-2019: ScanSpeak Ekta mkII, built by Jason
24-06-2019: FUSION, built by Henk, NL
23-06-2019: ScanSpeak BOOKSHELF, built by Ove
21-06-2019: Super-tweeter for DTQWT, built by Бакутин Валерий
20-06-2019: ScanSpeak Illumina-66, built by Erik
15-06-2019: ScanSpeak Ellipticor-3, built by Gregory
12-06-2019: SEAS Jenzen NEXT, built by Karan
26-05-2019: The Loudspeaker, built by Gary
26-05-2019: JBL upgrade kit, Henrik
19-05-2019: ScanSpeak Discovery 3WC, built by Marco
17-05-2019: ScanSpeak Jenzen Illuminator, built by Steven
17-05-2019: ScanSpeak Ekta Grande, built by Andrea
13-05-2019: SBA-761, built by Thomas
11-04-2019: AudioTechnology 3WC, built by Dominic
06-04-2019: SBAcoustics, SBA-941, built by Dante
04-04-2019: ScanSpeak CSM, built by Alex
31-03-2019: Illuminator Monitor, built by Vadim
24-03-2019: ScanSpeak Ellam 98 mkII, built by Michael, Australia
22-03-2019: SEAS CURV, built by Marek
19-03-2019: ScanSpeak Discovery-3WC, buil by Steen
11-03-2019: ScanSpeak Discovery 18W, built by Marino
07-03-2019: SEAS Acapella NEXT, built by Stephen
28-02-2019: SEAS Jenzen-NEXT, built by Alex, Russia
27-02-2019: Peerless NOMEX-164-mkII and SEAS CENTER 641-NEXT, built by Lucas
25-02-2019: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Cianno, Italy
16-02-2019: Peerless NOMEX-164-mkII, built by André
10-02-2019: JBL L26-3-Way, built by Dan
08-02-2019: ScanSpeak Discovery 12W, built by Ilia, Israel
27-01-2019: Maglev turntable, built by Eric, US
22-01-2019: OBL-15. built by Xing Xiao, China
21-01-2019: The Loudspeaker, built by Bjarne, Denmark
17-01-2019: ScanSpeak subwoofer, built by Vyacheslav
11-01-2019: SBAcoustics MW19, built by Jaak, Belgium
02-01-2019: The Loudspeaker, built by Markus, Finland

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HES, High-Efficiency Speaker Constructions

Click heading to go to overview of HES constructions. Click image to go to HES speakers introduction.

Read feedback from HES builders here.

The Loudspeaker

Faital 3-Way Classic

JA8008-HMQ driver, the heart of the HES speakers below

TQWT/DTQWT mkIII FLAT, the new driver on a flat front panel (for those who want to upgrade the mkI/II speakers
8008-CORNER, for the first time a construction for near-wall placement
New 2016 OBL-15, the successor of OBL-11, now with the new JA8008-HMQ driver
New 2014 TQWT mkIII, DTQWT mkIII constructions with SEAS T35C002 or Audax TW034 tweeters
New 2014 DTQWT 212 mkIII, JA8008-HMQ+TW034/waveguide + 2 x Eminence Deltalite II 2512
8008-CENTER mkII, for the complete 8008 surround set, built around JA8008-HMQ/TW034 drivers
QUATTRO mKII, 2-way monitor/standmount from JA8008-HMQ/TW034wg drivers

Read here about the MKII versions and some background that may not be included in the mkIII articles:
TQWT mkII: 2-way tapered quarter-wave design, JA8008+TW034/waveguide
DTQWT mkII: 3-way double tapered quarter-wave design, JA8008+TW034/waveguide + 2 x Eminence Deltalite II 2510

JA8008 used in open baffle constructions:
OBL-15, the successor of OBL-11, now with the new JA8008-HMQ driver
OBL-11, Open Baffle Loudspeaker. My homage to Gilbert A. Briggs' SFB
OB-09, open baffle construction, JA8008/TW034 and Eminence Deltalite II 2515, 15" bass driver
OB-07 open baffle experiments, Supravox 215RTF + JBL LE26/waveguide + Goodmans Axiom 150 mkII

Background experiments:
Tweaking the DTQWT, incl. intro to TQWT-mkII and DTQWT-mkII
DTQWT experiments, JBL LE26/waveguide + Goodmans Axiom 150 mkII, Supravox 215RTF

Amplifiers for TQWT and DTQWT; some general thoughts on suitable amplifiers

DTQWT, 10 or 12 inch. Which should I build?

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Accuton Constructions

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Jenzen Accu, Accuton C173-6-191E + Accuton C30-6-024 + Audio Technology 10C77-25-10-KAP
Jenzen D mkII, Accuton C173-6-191E + Jantzen JDT-1024 Diamond Tweeter + AudioTechnology 10C77-25-10-KAP
I consider the Accuton the main driver here

SEAS Constructions

Click heading or image to go to SEAS constructions' overview.

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SEAS NEXT4 speaker construction


CNO-GRANDE, 2 x W18NX001 + W12CY003-EC + T29CF002
Jenzen SEAS NEXT T25 and -T29. The luxury versions of Jenzen SEAS ER
Jenzen SEAS ER and CA, high-end sound from budget drivers
Acapella NEXT, W22NY001+W18NX001+T29CF001
Poor Man's Strad, CA22RNX+MCA15RCY+T27TFFC
3-Way-Classic-mkII, CA22RNY+MCA12RC+27TFFC


CENTER-641 Center Speakers from SEAS Prestige and EXCEL driver


SEAS CNO-25-mkII, 2 x W18NX001+T29CF002
CA18RNX, 2½-way floorstander, 2 x CA18RNX + 27TDC  


CNO-mkIII, W18NX001 + T29CF002


SEAS CURV, mini two-way from SEAS U16/RCY/P and SEAS 29 TFF/W
Scoperta, mini TLs, W15LY001 and ScanSpeak D2608/913000
SEAS 5INCH minis, CA15RLY, W15CY001, W15LY001, 22 TAF/G
Eekels' minis, W12CY003+22TAF/G
W15CY001 + Hiquphon OWI



Acapella SEas, W22EX001+W18EX001+T25C003
TJL3W, W18E001+W12CY001+HIQUPHON OWI download TJL3W, large graphics, zip file
Poor Man's Strad-EXCEL, W22EX001+W15CY001+27TFFC
W15CY001 + NeoCD3
TJL2W, W18E001 + T25CF001
T14RCY+SS/8513 or Hiquphon OWI
SEAS W17EX001/SS-8513
W11XT, W11CY001
Acapella SE (single pdf file)
Acapella LWJ, Acapella SE and Acapella SEas constructions (pdf) download
Acapella SE drawings, zip file
Point75i, SEAS L22RN4X-P + W15CY001 + Expolinear NDRL81
Point75A&B, ScanSpeak 18W/8535+SEAS W15CY001 + Expolinear NDRL81/alt. NEO3PDR (pdf)

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Scan-Speak Constructions

Click heading or image to go to ScanSpeak constructions' overview

3- to 5-way constructions

ATELL-3, ScanSpeak/AudioTechnology/Viawave
ScanSpeak Ellipticor-3, four-driver construction, 1st order filters
Ellipticor-4, the best 4-way this size I've ever made. D3404/552000, 18WE/8542T00, 18Sound 10NW650, BMS 12N630
FUSION, a classic 3-way from 12" bass driver, 6" ScanSpeak midrange and 1" tweeter
ScanSpeak MUN17-3W, 28W/4878T00 + 18M/8631T00 + D2908/714000, Hypex powered woofer
ScanSpeak Illuminator-4
ILLUMINATOR-5, all the best from ScanSpeak
DISCOVERY-4, make an affordable high-end speaker from ScanSpeak drivers
Jenzen Illuminator, 3-way TL design from ScanSpeak W26/8861T00, 18WU/8741-T00 and D3004/660000
Ekta Grande, 18W/8531-G00 + 12M/4631-00 + R2904/7000 or R2604/832000
Jensen 1071, 3-way, 26W/8861T00 + 18W/8531-G00 + D2905/9900
Ellam FLEX 3W, 3-way from 22W/4851T00, 15W8530K00, D3004/660000, R3004/662000, D2604/833000, R2604/833000

3-way floorstanders

Ekta mkII. A classic brought to new life with 18WU/4741T00, 12MU/8741T00 and D2608/913000
ScanSpeak 3-Way Classic, Discovery, 22W/8534G0, 10F/8414-G10, R2604/832000
ScanSpeak 3W-Classic - Classic, 21W/8550-00-Eton 4-300-25Hex, R2604/833000
ScanSpeak 3W-Classic - Classic, 21W/8550-00-Vifa PL11WH09-08-R2604/833000
ScanSpeak 3W-Classic - Classic, 21W/8550-00-13M/8640-00-R2604/833000

2-way floorstanders

Illumina-66, two-way floorstander from ScanSpeak 18WU/4741T00 and D3004/660000 or R3004/662000
SP95, 18W/8531-G00 + D2905/9500

Bookshelf speakers

BOOKSHELF-3WC, 22W/8534-G00 + 12W/8524-G00 + D2608/913000

2-way stand-mount

ScanSpeak Studio 101 mkII
Ellipticor-One, 18WE/4542T00 + D3404/552000, brand new drivers with elliptical voice coils
Discovery 18W, 2-way ScanSpeak from affordable drivers. Experience 4 different crossovers and two different front panel options
ScanSpeak Illuminator. 18WU/8741T00 and D2904/710003
Ellam Dappo, d'Appolito construction from 15W/8530-K00 + R2604/8320000
Compact Studio Monitor, 18W/8545-K00 + R2604/832000
Revelator 4R, mini from 15W/4531G00 and R2604/832000


DISCOVERY W12, built a small high-quality 4 litre mini
Ellam-9800 mkII. It's been almost ten years since the first version!
Ellam FLEX, two-way mini from ScanSpeak 15W/8530K00 and four tweeter options
Ellam Discovery 15, an amazing 5+1 mini from affordable drivers
Ellam XT, Compact 2-way, 15W/8530-K00 + R2604/832000

Other ScanSpeak stuff

ScanSpeak Micro. 5F/8422T01, the smallest speaker I've ever made
Test Scan-Speak 5F/8422T01 and 10F/8414G10 full range mini drivers
Test of ScanSpeak tweeters, D3004/660000 and D2904/710003, D3004/6640 Beryllium dome and D2908/7140 Beryllium dome
Waveguide for ScanSpeak D2904/710003 tweeter
ScanSpeak waveguides


SP44, 3-way, 18W/8530-G00 + Accuton C44 + Hiquphon OWI
SP38/13, 18W/8531-G00 + D3806/8200 + D2010/8513
STUDIO 101, 18W/8542-00 and SEAS 27TFFC tweeter
Zahra, 2 x 18W/8543-00 + 13M/8636-00 + D2904/9800, bass and mid drivers no longer available and no obvious substitutes. Bass drivers can be substituted by 18W/8545-K00 if you can find 13M drivers
Mark21, 3-way, 21W/8554+15M/4531-K00+R2604/832000, bass drivers no longer available.
One builder reported good results with Peerless 830869 for bass. I very much think this driver should work given the 90 dB sensitivity

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The Jenzen Speakers

Click image or heading to go to Jenzen website explaining the basic ideas behind the constructions

What are the Jenzen speakers? Read here about the rationales behind the speakers
Jenzen ATS, AudioTechnology 10C77/18H52 and ScanSpeak Be dome
Jenzen D mkII, 3 way TL from Audio Technology 10C77-25-10-KAP, Accuton C173-6-191E and Jantzen Audio diamond JDT1024
Jenzen Accu mkII, 3 way TL from Audio Technology 10C77-25-10-KAP, Accuton C173-6-191E and Accuton C30-06-024
Jenzen Illuminator, 3-way TL design from ScanSpeak W26/8861T00, 18WU/8741-T00 and D3004/660000
Jenzen NEXT, 3-way TL from SEAS W26FX002, W18NX001 and T25C003/T29CF002
Jenzen SEAS ER, 3-way TL design from SEAS CA26RFX, CA18RNY and T25C003/T25CF001
Also check out how a range of 6" drivers perform on the Jenzen front panel

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Faital 3-Way Classic, 12PR320-6RS140-D2608/913000
SBAcoustics Satori 3-way Classic, SBA-741
SBAcoustics, SBA-761, floor-stander, 1st order filter
SBAcoustics Satori 3-Way Classic, SBA-941
AudioTechnology 3-Way Classic
PRELUDE, AudioTechnology 10C77 bass, 15H52 mid, ScanSpeak 9900 tweeter
SBAcoustics 3-Way Classic, SB23NRXS45-8, SB12MNRX25-4, SB29RDC-C000-4
SEAS 3-Way-Classic-mkII, CA22RNY+MCA12RC+27TFFC
ScanSpeak 3W-Classic - Classic
ScanSpeak 3-Way Classic, R2604/832000, 10F/8414G10, 22W/8534G00
ScanSpeak 3W-Classic - Classic, 21W/8550-00-Eton 4-300-25Hex, R2604/833000
ScanSpeak 3W-Classic - Classic, 21W/8550-00-Vifa PL11WH09-08-R2604/833000
ScanSpeak 3W-Classic - Classic, 21W/8550-00-13M/8640-00-R2604/833000
SEAS 3-Way-Classic mkI, CA22RNX+MCA12RC+27TFFC

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Up-Grade Kits For Vintage Speakers

JBL L100 Century     JBL L112     Tannoy MG15     YAMAHA NS1000M      B&W 802s3    Dali 800   

Find feedback to kits here

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CENTER-641 Center Speakers from SEAS Prestige and EXCEL driver
8008-CENTER mkII, for the complete 8008 surround set, built around JA8008-HMQ/TW034 drivers

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PL14WJ-09-08 + R2604/832000 (standmount d'Appolito, can be used as center speaker) but only if you can find 2nd hand PL14 drivers. No replacements available.

Other Up-Grade Kits

B&W 802s3, better crossover components and wiring
Dali800 renovation, new tweeter and crossover
Chario Academy Sonnet speaker

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AudioTechnology Constructions

Click heading or image to go to Audio Technology constructions' overview

ATELL-3, ScanSpeak/AudioTechnology/Viawave
ATB, powerful 2-way from AudioTechnology and BlieSMa drivers
ATiRi, two-way stand-mount. Brand new AudioTechnology driver and ribbon tweeter
ATS4-HE, high-efficiency version of my reference speaker. Active DSP bass section
AudioTechnology 3-Way Classic, the best classic 3-way on these pages.
ATS-4, my most ambitious project so far. The best components available from AudioTechnology, ScanSpeak and Jantzen Audio
Jenzen ATS. 10C77 bass, special 18H52 mid and ScanSpeak Be dome
PRELUDE, ambitious 3-way from AudioTechnology 10C77 bass and 15H52 mid + ScanSpeak 9900 tweeter
AT-SW, 2-way compact vented standmount from AT 18H52 midbass and SWANS planar tweeter
AudioTechnology 10C77 sandwich cone bass driver. Pre-study for new 3-W project

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Peerless Constructions

Click heading or image to go to Peerless constructions' overview

Peerless NOMEX-164 mkII, update on popular speaker Peerless HDS 830875 + ScanSpeak D2608/9130 drivers
Peerless HDS-PPB (830860) + ScanSpeak D2604/830000 or R2604/832000
Peerless/Vifa Center, HDS 831882 + XT25TG30-04, 831882 drivers very hard to find
HDS134 + DX25TG-05-04, HDS134, 850488, discontinued

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Vifa Constructions

Please note none of the midbass drivers here available, nor any replacements!

Click heading or image to go to constructions' overview

PL14WJ-09-08/ScanSpeak R2604/832000, 2-way 11.5 liter bookshelf mini, or 25 liter d'Appolito, can be used for center speaker
PL18WO-09-08/ScanSpeak R2604/832000, floorstander, 24 liter
C17WH d'Appolito: C17-I, C17-II, C17-III, C17-mk4. C17 drivers very hard to find
C20WH-07-08 + Monacor DT300/waveguide. C20 drivers very hard to find

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HES, High Efficiency Speakers

High Efficiency Speakers, intro and experiments
Supravox full-range experiments in DTQWT cabs
Supravox 215GMF tweaking for better performance
Vifa C17WH d'Appolito: C17-mk1, C17-mk2, C17-mk3, C17-mk4, C17 drivers discontinued and very hard to find
C20WH-07-08 + Monacor DT300/waveguide. C20 drivers discontinued and very hard to find
Fostex FE126E + Fountek NeoCD3
Test of Lowther EX3

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Open baffle constructions

OBL-15, the successor of OBL-11, now with the new JA8008-HMQ driver
OBL-11, Open Baffle Loudspeaker. My homage to Gilbert A. Briggs' SFB, discontinued.
JA8008/TW034 and Eminence Deltalite II 2515, fully passive crossover
OBL-9, 2009 open baffle construction with JA8008/TW034 and Eminence Deltalite II 2515, 15" bass driver, discontinued.
OBL-7, Goodmans Axiom 150 mkII + Supravox 215RTF64 + LE26 dipole panel, OBL experiments.

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ScanSpeak subwoofer 26W/4558T00, Hypex FA251/FA501

Hypex FUSION pages for the various constructions
where Hypex plate-amp/DSP modules are used.

Links to websites Links to speaker constructions
Hypex FUSION FA501 The Loudspeaker-1
  The Loudspeaker-2
  ScanSpeak Subwoofer, 12"
Hypex FUSION FA252 Ellipticor-4
Hypex FUSION FA122 Ekta 2D
  SBA-741 + bass module
  ScanSpeak subwoofer 10"
















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Vintage Loudspeakers

Click heading or image to go to vintage intro

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James B. Lancing, JBL

JBL L112 Up-Grade Kit
JBL L100 Century Up-Grade Kit
JBL L100 Recreation, new aperiodic cabinet
Read L100 upgraders' response to kit
JBL LE20 and LE25 tweeters
JBL LE26 tweeters
JBL L26-3way


Part 1: Tannoy 15" MG
Part 2: Tannoy MG15 Upgrade Filter
Part 3: Tannoy MG15 Crossover Problem
Tannoy 10" MG




Mail exchange with former Wharfedale employee
Wharfedale 1962 brochures
Wharfedale SFB, pics and comments from owners
Wharfedale Super 8 RS/DD
Wharfedale Super 3 tweeters
Wharfedale Super 8/FS-AL & North England M8, only pics


Müll oder gut für ein Schlechtwetterprojekt? Vintage Isophon P25A
Vintage ScanSpeak. W21-3804-P2A and D3804 drivers
German SABA greencones, pics, links and some modelling
1955 Karlson Speaker Brochure
Sonab OA5 mkII speakers, Stig Carlsson's omnidirectional speaker from the Seventies
Spendor BC1
Philips 9710 Part I-II-III
Philips 9710 disassembling
Philips AD-0160-T8, world's worst dome tweeter?
Blackcones, vintage SEAS 21 TV-G and SEAS 9 TV-LG, my Christmas break fun project and final chapter on resonant boxes
Clarion by SEAS, a 1978 classic 3-way from SEAS 25 F-WBX/DD, 11FM (H130) and 1" dome (H107)

SEAS kit 503, the big SEAS 3-way of the Seventies
SEAS KIT brochure
SEAS KIT 303 crossover
Download SEAS brochure (Norwegian) on kits 223, 253, 403, 603 and Disco-47

Goodmans Axiom 150 mkII
Goodmans Axiom 150 mkII + Supravox 215RTF64 + LE26 dipole panel (=OB7 article)
Dali800 renovation, new tweeter and crossover

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Loudspeakers in general/FAQ/tips/ideas, etc.

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What it takes to make a crossover, - please read before asking for a crossover for your drivers!!
Choices, How to pick the right diy speaker project. Size matters. Please read before writing!
My measuring equipment, books and articles useful for getting started in loudspeaker building
Time-alignment of drivers. How to determine dZ
Calculation of box volume and ports. Can we calculate box volume at all?
Vent tuning, calculation of vent length
Tips & Ideas, Glue for crossovers, solder tag strips, flaring plastic vents, damping materials, etc.

Definition of frequency ranges
Bi-amping, what is it? Some hints and tips
Response to upgrade from standard PP caps to super-caps
Measuring inductance of low-DCR coils, like C-coil

Beaming. What is it?
Cabinet damping, please check this before writing on cabinet damping
Why it's not so easy to make a small mini into a 3-way
The importance of chamfering driver holes. A small study
Super caps, what are they and why are they so expensive?
How flat is flat? Does a flat frequency response matter?
Why my crossover layout may differ from actual schematics. A very common question

Room Acoustics. Thoughts from Speakers' Corner with a few added comments
Electronic crossovers, pros and cons
Check here what diffraction looks like! From the excellent site of Art Ludwig
How female vocals can make your hair turn grey - and can low-order filters do something about it?
Speaker cables and interconnects

Power handling of loudspeaker systems
Large domes, part I. Test of SEAS T35C002, Chario Sonnet, modified Audax TW034, Ciare MT320 and Accuton C30-6-024 domes
Tweaking the Audax TW034XO-P47N dome for better performance
Tweaking SWANS RT2H-A planar tweeter for better performance
Waveguide for ScanSpeak D2904/710003 tweeter
More on waveguides for ScanSpeak tweeters
Eight + one: Can we make a 2-way from and 8" driver + 1" dome tweeter?

Wide Baffles, introduction, Stradivari, how does wide baffles impact sound reproduction
Study on stepped baffles with little impact on tweeter performance
Make your own non-inductive graphite resistors!
Tweeter measurements
Find the polarity of your driver
My Panasonic TV, better sound on a weekend

Tweeter distortion test
Coils for beginners
Placement of coils in crossovers
Choosing the right point of crossover
What is an acoustic vent, aperiodic tuning, Variovent
Definition of frequency ranges

The importance of wiring crossovers correctly
SS 9500, 9700 and 9900 tweeters, why they are not interchangeable
Shipping speaker drivers
Fountek ribbons
Fountek JP3 ribbon replacement, pdf file.
FAQ regarding sensitivity and the choice of crossovers.

Links to other sites:
Want to hear what your cabinet panels sound like?

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Testing ScanSpeak D2104/712000 3/4" dome tweeter
Testing new Jantzen Audio AMBER-Z-CAP
Testing SBAcoustics SB29BAC-C000-4 Be dome
Testing EAR Acute Classic CD-player/DAC
Testing new ScanSpeak Ellipticor 21WE/4542T00 midbass driver
Testing BlieSMa T34B-4 Beryllium dome
Testing new T34A-4 34 mm dome tweeter from BlieSMa
Test ribbon tweeter, Viawave GRT-145-4
LCR RIAA shoot-out, EAR-912 vs vdh The Grail vs Valab LCR-1
Testing EAR 912 preamplifier with phono-stage
Testing Alumen Z-Caps from Jantzen Audio, a new foil capacitor
Testing Audio-gd pre-amp/headphone amplifier NFB-1AMP
Test ATC SM75-150 midrange dome
Test of ScanSpeak D3004/604010 Be domes
Test of two ScanSpeak ring-radiators, R3004/662000 and R3004/602010
SAC Thailand GlowMaster KT 88 fully balanced power amp
Test of van den Hul The Grail phono stage
Large domes, part I. Test of SEAS T35C002, Chario Sonnet, modified Audax TW034, Ciare MT320 and Accuton C30-6-024 domes
Test of ScanSpeak tweeters, D3004/660000 and D2904/710003, D3004/6640 Beryllium dome and D2908/7140 Beryllium dome 
Test of DiyHiFiSupply EZ line stage
Test of MANGER MSW transducers
Norwegian Wood, review of MAE1, Single Ended Tetrode Amplifier Kit from Norway
Review of vintage Snell A3i loudspeaker
Chario Academy Sonnet speaker
Jungson JA88D-09, 2 x 80 watt class A solid state amp - or at least some of these watts in class A ...
Jungson Duro power amp
Garrard 401/LINN - Thorens TD124 mkII/Jelko shootout!
Test of Lowther EX3

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My System

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Maglev turntable, SME 309 GD tonearm, My Sonic Lab Eminent EX cartridge
Yoshino EAR Acute Classic CD-player/DAC
Yoshino EAR-912, pre-amplifier, line-stage/phono stage
Yoshino EAR-861 x 2, 64 wpc bridged power amplifier
Yoshino EAR-869 integrated 15 wpc amplifier
ScanSpeak Ellipticor-3
The Loudspeaker-II



Denon DP67L turntable with Moerch DP6 tone-arm and My Sonic Lab Eminent EX cartridge
Van den Hul The Grail phono stage
Yoshino EAR-868PL Phono/Line Stage Preamplifier (has replaced my -868L line-stage only)
Yoshino EAR-861, 32 wpc power amplifier, occasionally bi-amped with: Hypex Ucd400, 400 wpc digital power amp
SAC GlowMaster KT88 power amp
Jungson JA88D-09, 2 x 80 watt class A solid state amp
Shanling 2.1 CD player

For most larger speakers I use bi-amping, Hypex Ucd400 or PSC2.400d for the bass and GlowMaster/EAR-861 for mid-tweeter. Go to bi-amping here to see what bi-amping looks like.
Bi-amping means you have a line-stage, a pre-amplifier, driving two power amplifiers, which each runs either bass or mid-tweeter. This requires the crossover is separated in bass section and e.g. mid-tweeter section.
Bi-wiring means you have the same amplifier connected to bass and mid-tweeter with separate speaker cables. It also requires the crossover to be separated in sections for bass and mid+tweeter.


Phono stage:
Van den Hul The Grail phono stage

Line stages with phono stage:
Yoshino EAR-912 pre-amplifier, line-stage/phono stage
Yoshino EAR-868PL preamplifier, line stage/phono stage

Integrated amplifiers:
Yoshino EAR-869 integrated 15 wpc amplifier

Power amps:
Yoshino EAR-861, 32 wpc power amplifier
Yoshino EAR-869 integrated 15 wpc amplifier
SAC GlowMaster KT88 PP, fully balanced power amp
Hypex Ucd400, 400 wpc power amp dedicated for bi-amping
Jungson JA88D-09, 2 x 80 watt class A solid state amp

SPEAKERS IN STOCK (this changes all the time)

The Loudspeaker-II
ScanSpeak Ellipticor-3
ScanSpeak Ellipticor-4
Ellam 9800 mkII
CNO-4, not public yet



Maglev turntable, Moerch DP8 Presicion, SME 309 GD, My Sonic Lab Eminent EX and van den Hul Colibri cartridges
Denon DP67L turntable with Moerch DP6 tone-arm and My Sonic Lab Eminent EX cartridge
EAR Acute Classic CD-player/DAC
Shanling 2.1 CD player
Occasional 24 bit files -> Acute Classic DAC, JRiver software



Speaker cables and interconnects
All components fully grounded from separate power line (10 meters) from meter box and the last two meters from fully shielded Supra LoRad SPC Cord Sets - Silver Plated Copper with Schuko plugs. I'm a great skeptic when it comes to power cords - and still is. I expect the main improvement from this comes from the cords being shielded and not least all components being grounded. The thing is that it made a smoother treble.
Grounding house appliances here in Denmark is uncommon except for disc-washers and similar large installations. We ought to have Schuko standards, but we don't. Problem is that very few people die - if any - from not having our household appliances fully grounded.


A few formerly owned components (except speakers):

Shanling CD-T80 CD player
DAC: Musical Fidelity DAC M1a
6N6P line stage with output transformer
2017, renovating two Lenco L75 decks
Lenco L78/Moerch DP6 9" Precision tonearm, vdh Canary cartridge
Lenco L75 + Moerch 12" tonearm, vdh Colibri cartridge
Lenco L75, Jelko 12" tonearm  van den Hul Canary cartridge    van den Hul Colibri cartridge
Project RPM4 turntable, rebuild
Audio Mirror 6C33 mono blocks
Phono stage based on Transcendent RIAA schematics
Jungson Hedo/Duro power amplifier, the power amp section of the Jungson JA88D-09
Einstein The Amp My pics
Einstein The Amp - Einstein website I never thought I'd buy a twenty years old solid state amp, but this one is special. This 60 wpc amp runs the ATS-4 - all of it - without any trouble. The most dynamic and deep bass I've ever heard from a 60 watt solid state. Bought for 800 € on eBay 2013. It may not have the holographic midrange of the GlowMaster, but overall coherence is phenomenal. And it's very much class AB... never say never. Audio Komponenten - Einstein Audio Friend of me recently bought the amp to find it with bleeding electrolytic caps and burned resistors. No sound at all. Buying old stuff can be gambling, so take care!
Garrard 401 turntable/Jelko 750D
300B, 8 wpc SET integrated amplifier
Audio Mirror, Vladimir Bazelkov's 6AS7 PSE, 20 wpc mono blocks, rebuilt to 6C33 tubes
Thorens TD124 mkII/LINN ITTOK
Transcendent Grounded Grid line stage
Transcendent Phono Stage
Audio Research SP16L
Copland CTA 505
Numerous LCAudio power amplifiers
DACT line stage
Numerous home-made valve line stage amplifiers
Luxman MQ70 (EL34) power amplifier
Erno Borbely MosFet power amplifiers
Danish High Fidelity magazine preamplifiers, MC, phono and line stages

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Click logos to go to websites

Crossover components found on this website are sponsored by Jantzen Audio, Denmark.  Jantzen Audio has the most extensive range of baked coils available, supplemented by a wide range of audio grade capacitors. In addition to this a wide selection of components for speaker building.

Complete crossover kits for the shown constructions can be ordered at: For SEAS, ScanSpeak, SBA and some AudioTechnology constructions, this can include drivers as well.
I'm particularly grateful to Jantzen Audio for taking the financial risk of launching the JA8008 and JA8008-HMQ drivers. Without their support these drivers would never have been made.

Some of the drivers used in the constructions were sponsored by Jantzen Audio (SEAS drivers), ScanSpeak, AudioTechnology and SBAcoustics.
Thanks to those who made this possible! Without your support only a few constructions would have made these pages.

None of the constructions shown at my website were suggested by any of my sponsors (Except for MUN-17 and Ellipticor-1) and I'm not financially affiliated with any of my sponsors. For questions regarding the constructions on this site, please contact me at:

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