OBL-15, built by Bartlomiej
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Good morning gentlemen, I am sending photos and a description of my impressions after building the OBL-15 speakers.
In one word, I will describe the sound - sensational, lightning fast bass - a pinch better than that of the Faital-3WC-15, definitely faster - the drums sound the best on the OBL 15 from all the loudspeakers I had the opportunity to own and listen to, the bass is spectacular.
Mid and high tones are on the same excellent level, to be honest, even when listening loud, the loudspeakers always sound the same: clean / natural / fast and they don't get tired. You can listen to them for hours.
In home cinema, they provide great dynamics and "immediacy" of sound. We plan to build: 8008CENTER, which is ideal for the central channel and for cooperation with OBL15.
Thank you for another great project. The construction and appearance of the loudspeakers is a masterpiece - all thanks to Jarek, who has done more than one project and does it really sensational.
have a good day