ScanSpeak Micro, 5F/8422-T01, built by Paul
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Hi Troels.
I just wanted to show you my completed desktop speaker. (Don’t worry, I built two…) I used the 5F/8422-T01 because I had already bought the drivers when I had first contacted you. But I have kind of caught the bug now, and so my next ones will for sure be with 10F/4424G00 as you recommended.
It is hard for us to get Baltic Birch in Canada now because of the war, so I went with MDF. For the next ones, I will try to find some high-quality dense plywood available here. So as not to have to look at the MDF, I glued onto the front MDF board a thin (about 5 mm) layer of walnut which I milled from a neighbour’s tree. The fronts of the two cabinets are book-matched, which I like.
I went with your recommendations for volume and also used the simple high-pass filter you recommended.
I am using an Elekit TU-8185 amp as the source for the speakers, which you can see in the photo. I am very happy with the sound this system produces. It is a very nice desktop system.
I wanted to thank you again for your excellent website, which is a veritable gold mine of knowledge.
Best regards,