DTQWT-mkIII, built by Mantas, Lithuania
Copyright 2023 © Troels Gravesen

Hello, Mr. Troels Gravesen, I wanted to share my story about my DTQWT in Lithuania.

I wanted something that could convincingly reproduce the "Sophie Milman - Take Love Easy" album. At least more real and natural than my setup at the time.

My previous speakers were ProAc Response 1.5. They were not bad at all, I just wanted a sound that fools me a little better into thinking that there is Sophie in my living room singing. So my biggest priority was as realistic as possible human voice.

When searching for information on how to achieve natural sound, one suggestion was to get sensitive speakers, at least 94 dB. While browsing  Lithuanian audiophile Facebook groups I noticed Tomas' DTQWT-mkIII-212 ( speakers and his impressive listening room. It made sense that speakers like this would not be in a room like that if they were not good enough. At the same time, we've crossed paths with my school-time buddy, who is a hardcore DIY audio fan. Now he is helping me with my setup upgrade and one of his suggestions was DTQWT-mkIII 2 x 10". Tomas who owns DTQWT-mkIII-212 was kind to let us in to listen to his system and I was happy with what I've heard. The vocals on DTQWTs sounded realistic.

And that was way more than enough to start the project. With the help of my DIY buddy at we did the crossovers. It was the first time I was soldering and it was fun to do part of the crossovers. I would like to do the woodworking myself, but since I don't have any experience here I doubt that the result would pass the aesthetics test to stay in the living room. So I had to outsource this stage.

I'm happy about the result. It's really another level in many ways. It was done 5 months ago and I still like it. Not because I was involved in the process, but because of how it sounds.

There is one song I like the most while doing a demo of these speakers for others, - "Leonard Cohen - In My Secret Life". It's a great song, but on these speakers, it brings up emotions without any doubts. Of course, an amplifier in class A really helps here.

Thank you, Mr. Troels Gravesen, for creating this project!