DTQWT-mkIII-212, built by Tomas, Lithuania
Copyright 2023 © Troels Gravesen

I'm happy owner of music house (golden trapagon) filled with some vintage gear and axis of my system DTQWT-mkiii-212.
I have made them about four years ago, and I'm more than happy how do they act in my music house. Most of all i like the way these speakers fulfill the room and its hard to locate them. The sound is so spacious and alive I couldn't dreamed of it can be. There was a plenty of auditions in my space and there was no non impressed listener. And I think theese speakers are one of the main reason of that.
DTQWT mkIII 212 is runned by:
LP system - integrated amp LineMagnetic LM219ia, phono RADA 'Precious one', turntable Garrard 401 equipped Gray 106sp tonarm and cartridge DAVA FC1, with dedicated to it šou and *50 step up.
CD system - old vains - amplification Accuphase C240+P400, Luxman DZ-03 as CD transport with no name DIY dac.
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