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As some of you may have noticed, SEAS has announced the release of the W22NY003 driver, the updated version of W22NY001.
The update includes a lot of things as described in my CNO-4 construction. New magnet system, new titanium voice coil former, increased power handling, increased Qm (less loss in suspensions) - and edge-coating providing an exceptional smooth frequency response. I don't think is is much more than can be done to this driver.
I have always been a fan of the EXCEL range of Nextel coated paper cones, providing a smooth response and always being pleasing to the ear - and easy on crossovers not to forget. Few drivers are suitable for 1st order filters, but these are. A very welcoming addition to the W12CY006 and W18NX003 drivers. Now we just need an update to the W26FX002 and the range is complete.

Download specs here: W22NY003

Download specs here: W22NY001 (for comparison)


I didn't do a full TS data set as I was short of a suitable closed cabinet, but from the impedance curve we can calculate the basic parametres of Qm and Qt, the Qm - to me - the most interesting. As can be seen we have a significant increase in Qm compared to the former W22NY001, which pleases me a lot. My value is bit higher than those stated in the SEAS specs, but whatever is right,  a significant improvement.

Frequency response measured on a 80x120 cm baffle. As can be seen, the edge-coating does its thing, not just to even out the rubber resonance at 900 Hz, but also doing some good in the treble range up to 6 kHz.

Frequency response of the two drivers I had at hand.

Impedance measured in free air. Drivers out-of-the-box, not broken in.
As can be seen the impedance is exceptional linear up above 10 kHz.

W22NY001 implemented in my CNO-4.

I'm sure I'll have questions on replacement of W22NY001 with W22NY003 for those who have built the CNO-4. The answer is that of you're happy with what you have got, don't. If you are planning on building the CNO-4, then yes.