Faitakl-3WC-10, built by Hugo
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Hei Troels,

Vil gjerne sende deg et par bilder av den ferdige høyttaleren og si at jeg setter umåtelig pris på arbeidet ditt. De står nå og spiller inn på andre døgnet og allerede kan jeg si de er i klassen med dyre high end konstruksjoner. De ligger godt over mine Proac Respons 1.5.
Mvh Hugo

Hi again Troels.
Having played on the Faital a couple of months l wanted to coment on them again. To my ears it is not an easy speaker to be matched. I have had 5 - 6 amplifiers to play around with, l'll list among them the Line Magnetic 216ia, Gato Dia 250, Arcam A38, Musical Fidelity Encore 225, Dayton HTA 200 and a Fezz Thorus 5060.
Some was bad, one ok and two excellent. To my surprice the best result was with the Fezz and the Dayton, who would have thought?
I bought the "little" Dayton HTA 200 just out of curiousity, and the cool looking hybrid tube amp rocks! I could go on long, Arcam amps are among my favourites and the A38 is great, but with the Faital, the Dayton is amazing. And its 349€. There’s something with the midrange that falls into place with the little 50 Watt amp that gets right. I wanted to share this with you and all who build the Faital 3WC 10. Amazing speaker and great little good looking amp.

Add to that, that l partner all with a Chord Qutest and a Project Tube Box DS 2 with a Rega Rb 6/exact.