ScanSpeak Illuminator-71, built by Ignas
Copyright 2024 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
It's been a while now since i built these speakers. I would like to thank you for your help you have provided. Very quick to respond, and advice.
It was a pure joy to assemble them. The crossover part is clear, everyone with minimum DIY skills will be able to assemble them. Cabinets where made by my dad, nothing complicated there as well. We chose Walnut veneer, it blends nicely with Illuminator drivers.
To the Sound..Even straight after assembling,  they sound awesome. Jumping from my Proac D1 was huge blow. The sound came from these super refined, crystal clear, bass super deep and controlled. VERY realistic reproduction of music instruments and human voices. It made my understand that premium crossovers seems to play big role in music reproduction. These D1 where playing game of fun to catch listeners ear, but Illuminators just fills up the room with everything you could ask for. Something like a Rolls Royce vs Ford Mondeo. It seems now, that all commercial speakers, I have listened is lacking clarity realism and refinement. Taste of cheap dust boxes and 10p crossover parts...
Now I have done close to 150h of run in time, and dear they are still getting better. More 3d layering, better soundstage, better bass. I'm not sure is it synergy with my Ear Yoshino v12, but everyone looking for a book shelf speaker, for medium to large room should try this. Pure bargain!
Thank you for your hard work! Priceless.