Faital-3WC-10, built by Alain, Australia
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Having built the Revelator 851 speakers ( keepers ) I came across the opportunity of buying the Faital 3wc-10 kit ( complete ) in Australia, I just couldn't resist letting go.
Once in hand I decided to redesign the cabinet, keeping the same internal volume. I must say there was a lot more work involved than I expected but it went well and loved the experience. I designed the stands made of 10mm black acrylic and solid Jarrah. Set up I didn't waste time listening and was surprised how well they sounded, considering there was nil run-in time. Now one month later, the speakers have had time to settle.
First to note (this could be taken as a negative or positive) since I have the Rev 851 set up as well I noticed they appear to be voiced similarly ! ( this could apply to other models as well, I think ).
The Rev 851's are more refined but the 3wc-10's gave a fuller sound, dare I say the 10" bass driver had more to give and overall were more dynamic. Vocals on the 3wc-10's were very good and the upper frequency's were more rolled off than I would of liked ! Now I must note I am in my 70's so my hearing have probably lost a lot of upper frequencies . Maybe a next level tweeter may have helped, then it maybe just me !
The room where these are set up is only temporary and I feel is playing a major role in how these 2 loudspeakers sound. Though I feel they sound good for most genre's, they could be great sounding in the right set up with treated room. Both were set up with the Willsenton R8 tube amplifier and the Accuphase E-206 fully restored. Easily drove both set of speakers.
No hesitation in recommending the Faital 3wc-10 kit~level 1.