ScanSpeak Revelator-851, built by Alain, New Zealand
Copyright 2023 © Troels Gravesen

Well just had lunch in front of the 851’s enjoying the music.
YES! After all that and the work I went through to locate where the fault was, it was simple at the end.
Went through your step1,2 and 3. No wires were touching, just the camera angle.
I cut the 2 extended wires that you noted and hold and behold I noted soldered spread that appeared
to jump from tweeter plus to tweeter minus ( copper loop ) as touching, Don’t tell me!
Cut it back so had good space between them, checked all solder joins. Did a multimeter check again and “ 0 “ “ 0 “ so good sign.
Re wired drivers/b post to crossover, re soldered drivers, re fit and set them up again and damn! I have mids and high’s , fantastic.
You were right it appeared to be a short, I should of placed the copper loop, one lug further on, it would not have happened. Annoying because I checked and I checked. What a mission but happy to have them going.
Thank you for your help.
The Rev 851’s are certainly a few levels above the Discovery 861. Initial thoughts, well balanced but can hear, they need running in, so they are.
Many thanks,
Attached, if it goes through a photo of the front baffle made of solid Jarrah timber, I love it.