The Loudspeaker-1, built by Dave, US
Copyright 2023 © Troels Gravesen

Alright. I fixed the litze connection by doing some in-situ soldering and crimping and did continuity at all points on the crossover and everything passed. I soldered some terminal disconnects to the mid-speaker wires and hooked them up in the correct phase.
I connected my test tracks and the presence was so much more powerful, the phase was accurate and determinable. So I decided to take a listen to some music.
This is where the revelation happened!
I can't tell you how much of a difference these fixes made. As soon as the first song ("Charlie Be Quiet" by Charlie Puth) started playing it took only four seconds for the tears to start flowing. THIS was it! This is the moment I have been waiting for. Over a year of work on my building skills, woodworking skills, building crossovers, test cabinets, the NOMEX 164-mk2...Building my own cables and amplifiers...Trying and upgrading digital sources, DACS, active and then passive pre-amplifiers... This is what the entire journey was building up to...and my friend it was good.
It was as if I had reached the summit of the mountain of life and as I entered Valhalla the Loudspeakers were, calling out to me. Welcoming me home. This is true audio nirvana.
What had once been a sea of distortion and harshness melted into a pot of gooey musical sweetness. It was as if the artist was knocking on my door and beckoning me out to a private and full-scale concert in my own room. The room disappeared. I was AT the event. I was being performed for.
I have been a long time tube enthusiast and my favorite tubes so far are the 845 power tube. When I switched from solid state to tubes I gained a real sense of realism and power to the music. The bass was even more present and powerful. But today, on very "cheap" DIY amplifiers that I built, what I heard made me question if I "need" tube amplifiers any more. I will do some more listening sessions with my Willsenton R800i
845 tube amplifier to compare and will get back with you, but I can say that I can live with this transistor amp now. These speakers just outshine any amplification problems that I may have.
Until I fixed my wiring errors I could hear very audible distortion and was backed up by online reviews of the amplifier which showed it had very high distortion. I did not expect fixing the phase and one continuity issue inside the mid crossover to have such a dramatic effect of reducing audible distortion and making music even at very high levels enjoyable to listen to!
The words that come to mind when I think of the TL1 are:
Clarify, Power, Extension, Dynamics, Presence, Accuracy.
Secondarily you could also say that can be: intimate, revealing, pleasant
If you care about the details my setup is as follows:

Source: SD card with HD FLAC files downloaded primarily from Qobuz feeding a SoundAware D300Ref Digital Streamer.
Digital Connection: AudioQuest Vodka HDMI feeding I2S
DAC: Denafrips Pontus II NOS mode I2S input Analog Interconnects: Audioquest Yukon 0.5m XLR balanced cable Passive Pre-Amplifier: Goldpoint SA2XM Dual Mono Balanced series stepped attenuators (10K output impedance) Analog Interconnects: Mogami Gold 1m XLR balanced cable. Also 2m DIY furutech terminated cable.
Power Amplifier: Two Nelson Pass Designed DIY "Amp Camp Amp" run in balanced mono block mode with XLR balanced input. 15W class a transistor amplifier.
Speaker Cable: DIY GR-Research 24 strand speaker cable with Kimber spades.
Speaker Terminals: Furutech FT-866 R Speaker terminals (rubidium plated) and FT-210 G disconnect terminals.
Speaker Internal Wiring: Stock wiring from kit
Crossover: TL1 Level 1 Kit as designed by Troels Gravesen
Speakers: TL1 by Troels Gravesen
Be happy today,