My rack
Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

My living room rack is made from 30 mm solid oak. Shelves made from black HDF and placed on 20 x Ø40 mm Sorbothane damping feet. 4 pcs for the lower shelves and the upper shelf for the Kuzma turntable has 3 pcs to the right and 4 pcs to the left (to balance weight).
The rack itself rests on Soundcare spikes. 





Click image above to view large.

Click image above to view large. No further dimensions available, so please do not ask.


Soundcare prescribes 10.5 mm holes for the threaded inserts. For a place like this - and oak - I suggest 11 mm as one leg started to fracture. Hammer the insert slowly some 2 mm down and use the umbraco wrench gently until fully down.

My finished rack with temporary spikes. The drawer at the bottom holds the mess of wires.


My rack for the bridged EAR-861 amps are made from 26 mm mm solid oak board.