AudioTechnology AT-SW, built by Larry
Copyright 2024 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels,
I completed possibly the last set of Swans AT monitors that were available last year to Michael as a kit. I beefed up the cabinet with 1.25” front and rear baffles and 3/4” Baltic birch for the rest while keeping inside dimensions same. Also used kit insulations according to the plans plus 4mm bituminous sheets on all but front baffle. 
Ended up with some very stout cabinets to put the crossovers on 2 separate boards and SwansAT drivers into.
Can’t even begin to tell you how incredibly they sound. You are truly a magician with seamlessly blending the drivers. And that custom AT mid bass plays low bass notes in ways that seem shocking and unbelievable to me and others that have heard them. I followed your plans and dimensions and recipe to a tee, no deviation.
Can’t begin to tell you how Impressed I am with the quality of the bass mids and that tweeter is simply amazing as you said. Together it may be the best you ever did.
I have friends with very very pricey monitor speakers that can’t compare to the Swans AT even a little. 
Just wanted to let you know my feelings on these speakers. Simply outstanding!!
I really couldn’t be happier with how they turned out following you instructions to the letter. 
Thanks for your incredible design, and for your answer to my question.