OBL-15, built by Homer, UK
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Dear Troels Gravesen 
Given our past discussions, the issue of central imaging with accurate placement has been resolved. The lack of low frequencies from 20 Hz to 40 Hz has been addressed by adding a subwoofer to the setup. Finally, the woofer has been activated with a Hypex active module, and the analog crossover has been replaced with Hypex DSP.
I'll replace the midrange capacitors with the Z Cap Superior model this time, and I'll definitely email you the results. This year, I also attended the Bristol Show as well as other events, and I'm proud to say that with these Obl-15 speakers, I have a setup worth 10k that surpasses market brands tenfold.
In fact, I must say the natural sound of these speakers is unparalleled; I've never heard anything like it from any other speakers, regardless of price tag. Thank you, Mr. Gravesen, for your support. I appreciate it.
Your faithfully

May 2024:

Hello Mr. Troels Gravesen

I previously wrote a review for the OBL-15 speakers that I built. Here, I want to provide a reference for readers as a builder of this speaker. A bit about myself: I have been playing classical guitar since childhood, and I listen to and enjoy music that features acoustic instruments. I have listened to many high-end speakers at hi-fi shows and friends' homes. What stands out about these speakers is the neutral tonality. You might hear excellent midrange and tweeter sounds from High-end, expensive speakers, but the combination of this tweeter and midrange sound with a very natural and feeling bass is rare. These speakers reproduce the sound of double bass and drums very naturally. Since I mostly listen to jazz music, the sound of drums and double bass is as important to me as the sound of midrange and high frequencies. Therefore, these speakers provide a very good combination and balance for listening to JAZZ music.

Another point is that in my previous review, I mentioned that I use a subwoofer for low frequencies. Here, I want to clarify that I don't use the subwoofer for music; these speakers are very complete and capable for music. Since I also use these speakers for watching movies, I use the subwoofer for frequencies below 30 Hz, essentially for vibrations, because due to the open baffle design, these speakers cannot create vibrations below 30 Hz. However, for listening to music, these speakers definitely do not need a subwoofer.

Next, I have a 13-square-meter room, which is quite small for these speakers. Initially, the bass sound in this room was boomy, and I improved this boominess by placing absorbers in the corners of the room and modifying the room's acoustics. Later, I used Hypex modules for the woofer and bi-amped the speakers. However, I then realized I should have listened to Troels's advice and simply used a 2-ohm resistor at the woofer crossover input to reduce the bass, which would have been suitable for my room. Unfortunately, I didn't follow this advice and spent a lot of money and time buying two Hypex modules and bi-amping and DSP correction. Afterward, I replaced all the midrange capacitors with Superior Z-Caps, as I initially used the lower standard model. I must say, the midrange and piano sound from these speakers are very, very lively.

In summary, the overall sound of these speakers and all my opinions about them: they are extremely enjoyable for listening to live concerts. The sound presentation is excellent. You won't hear better double bass anywhere else. I also use these speakers for watching movies along with a subwoofer, which provides very deep and stable sound for movie watching.
Many thanks to Mr. Gravesen.

Regards, Homer