Download HYPEX FUSION manual here.

Download Hypex Filter Design here.
Go to page 31 to read about the FUSION modules.

Download Hypex Filter Design 4.97 software from Hypex website and install the software.

Download software for TL-1 and TL-2 HERE. (zip folder)

Download software for The Loudspeaker-III HERE (zip folder)

Download MUN-17 software HERE. (zip folder)

Download subwoofer software HERE. (zip folder)

Download Ellipticor-3 software HERE. (zip folder)

Download SEAS CNO-4 softwares HERE (zip folder with two files)

The following instructions are suitable for TL-1, TL-2 and TL-3.
For the other constructions, follow links on actual websites.

Un-pack zip file and place the folder in your "FilterData" folder in "My Documents".
(The actual file is the Config.xml file, but in the HFD software you open the folder and don't see the Config.xml file as such)

Turn on the FA501, connect to your computer with the USB cable and click Hypex Filter Design:

- and you have this

First we need to tell the Hypex we're using high-level input (=Analogue SUB).
Set volume to 0.0 dB.

Do this for all Filter presets, 1-2-3.

Click Device setting and you have this:

Set your Hypex as shown above and close the window.

Click Filter design:

- and you have this:

Click File - New FA501

Open the file you have placed in your FilterData folder:

Open file  (e.g. for TL-3)

- and you have this:

This will look differently depending on which file you have opened.
The one here from TL-2.

Upload all presets to DSP - and you're done.


Connect your speaker driver


The wiring from the Hypex to the driver goes like this for the single channel modules.



Combine red and blue - goes to bass PLUS
Combine black and grey - goes to bass MINUS.

Connect the high level input to your speaker cables.

Set the volume control in the middle, 12 o'clock,  (gentle click stop) and the bass will play as loud as it should to match the midrange.


Above the simple Hypex set-up.