Purifi-Be, built by Nick
Copyright 2024 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,

I have now finished making the Purifi-Be speakers (kit from Michael Jantzen). I used orange 19mm Valchromat throughout and finished using 2-pack automotive clear-coat (sprayed on). These weigh in at 13.5kg each and are as solid as a rock!

The speakers are destined for our flat in England but are currently in our house in Italy pending our next trip back to the UK. I have yet to make some stands for them but will use Valchromat once again as I have half a sheet left.

I have listened to them for just one hour so far and am happy with the sound. I had no previous knowledge of the Purifi mid-woofer or the Satori tweeter but the combination seems to work well. I am trying to ignore my confirmation bias, but I think the sound coming through is very detailed and beautifully clear….even to my woolly ears!

(I also don’t have much by way of comparative knowledge, as my only other speakers are a pair of Spendor SP1 Monitors that I have had for 40 years and my relatively new ELAC Navis 51B active speakers. The latter for summer use because it is too hot to run my Quad valve amps in the summer here!).

Although the speakers are finished, I will listen to them for a few weeks and then re-do the surface finish on the right hand one in the panoramic image because I am not happy with its quality (overzealous sanding of the clear-coat).

By the way, I found that cutting the felt with a fabric cutter (circular, rolling, blade) was very easy. (Good to have a wife who enjoys sewing!).

All the best,

Hi Troels. I thought that I would give you a short update now that I have had several sessions listening to the Purifi-Be loudspeakers.
I have listened to quite a range of music now from LPs, from my ROON-based music server and also from the Qobuz hi-res streaming service. Genres listened to include Classical Symphonic, Violin concertos, opera, jazz, blues, rock and pop.
I have played at low volume all the way to quite loud! 
These are seriously good speakers in my view. The clarity is staggering and even at high volume I am unable to detect any hint of distortion. I am hearing details in various performances that are more present, more articulate, than is the case when listening with my Elac Navis 51B active loudspeakers or my Spendor Sp1 Monitor loudspeakers (which by any measure are both excellent loudspeakers).  I was able to really get into the music, the speakers almost becoming transparent such was their effortless delivery. Treble, mids and bass all blend beautifully together without tiring the listener. The bass is quite extraordinary for such a smallish loudspeaker. It is well weighted and measured in its delivery but has the ability to really punch through where the music requires that (e.g. London Grammar’s ‘Hey Now’). 
I was a bit unsure whether to go for the Satori Beryllium tweeters given the relatively high cost compared with the alternative you offered in your design. All that I can say is that I am happy that I chose them, they do an excellent job! The Purifi mid-woofers seem to be top notch too and you have blended the 2 together very effectively!
As I said, these will move from my home in Italy to my apartment in the UK where they will be married to my Lindemann MusicBook Source and its companion power amp. The listening space is smaller and I will be operating at lower volume than here so as not to upset the neighbours!  I think they will prove admirable in that environment!
All the best,