SBAcoustics, FUSION-22, built by Robert, US
Copyright 2024 © Troels Gravesen

First of all, thank you for all of your help during the build.  Couldn’t have done it without your help.

I got the idea to build these over Christmas, 2022 to be Christmas presents for my two boys (ages 26 and 29).  This is likely the nicest Christmas present they will ever receive.  My boys knew this was going to be under the tree so they got daily updates/photos of the build over the two months that it took me to build four speakers.

As for my impressions, these are LOUD speakers.  I wouldn’t say that the sound is as refined or warm as the Quattros I previously built, but these speakers will fill up a pretty large room.  The bass is unbelievable.  I expected that as the Fusion 22 uses the same 12 inch driver that is in the ATS4-HEs that you sold me a few years back.  The Quattros obviously can’t move the amount of air that the Fusion 22 moves.  The bass was so substantial that I changed the R1 resistor to get a little more treble.  To my ear, this balanced the speaker a little better but I probably have some
NIHL that needs some compensation.

Pictured below are the two sets of speakers - one pair being powered by an Anthem pre-amp/amp and the other being run by my VTL system that normally runs the ATS4-HEs.

Needless to say, my kids are very pleased.  They have already had listening parties to impress their friends.  They will never need another set of  loudspeakers,  but they know where to look if they ever want to build some.

Best Regards,