Faital-3WC-10, built by Alan
Copyright 2023 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
I completed the build of your Faital 3WC- 10 and connected them to my system about a week ago and I thought I would share my first thoughts with you and anyone else contemplating a similar build.
First off, this was my first attempt at building crossover units though I am comfortable with the cabinet side of the build. I was a little nervous initially with the arrival of a large and heavy box of parts. With a little email help from you, the task was not at all difficult and my soldering skills grew from zero to acceptable in a short time.
As a kit builder I had to rely heavily on reviews by both yourself and other builders who have taken the plunge to buy a product which is difficult if not impossible to audition before deciding to go ahead. Also, my experience with hifi is such that there is sometimes a desire to upgrade existing equipment - a lot of excitement - and then quite often a feeling of disappointment when the resulting purchase does not live up to expectation.
My experience of building your kit is very positive, I am happy to report. The sound I am enjoying is the best I have heard in any of the systems I have owned and maybe will improve further as things settle in a little as it is still very early days. It is a pleasant change to be able to say the end result has exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much !
I have attached a couple of pictures of the completed speakers. The large cabinet houses my equipment and you can probably tell I was aiming for a minimal look so that the appearance of hi fi does not dominate the room - although the sound most certainly can. 
Finally, I did consider slightly larger kits but decided on this particular build mainly because of the smallish room size. There is more than enough bass produced by the 10 inch units and the mids and treble are really wonderful (possibly the Beryllium tweeter choice helps).
Please feel free to add this brief write up to your web site.
Kind regards,