The Loudspeaker-1, built by Uladzimir
Copyright 2024 © Troels Gravesen


What sound is like? Precisely as I imagined it would be! Loudspeakers are disappearing, sound stage is behind them, creating a sense of realism brough into the room. My personal approach to assess the perfect sound is to lay back, close my eyes, listen to the music and then when I open my eye, they are focused not on the loudspeakers distance, but couple meters far away — adapting to the much wider sound stage. The most common thing I hear from not so experienced listeners who sees these beasts is “Wow, how many watts they have?!”. However, when people hear The Loudspeaker, they start to understand that the deal is not in loudness, but in absolutely amazing sound created by revealing and clear acoustic pressure on very low volume. This is exactly what I dreamt of.

Still need to work on positioning, room treatment and make proper legs for them. May later change the sound source and amplifier.

Troels, thanks a lot for all your hard work and great responsiveness during the build, it is really amazing how many questions are covered on the website! I really wish more people in this world appreciate the beauty of music. Many thanks to my father who taught me to love building something with your own hands, even if it turns out to be not perfect. This project was a wonderful adventure, true shelter for a sane mind where it can create, not destroy, love, not hate, respect, not devalue!

Best regards


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