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This page describes the second version of the FUSION speaker. We here have a dedicated amplifier running the bass driver and we have the passive low-pass filter replaced by DSP. It goes like this:

You have a preamplifier with either a single or double single-ended output(s), a preamp with either a single or double balanced output(s). All goes. Your main power amplifier may have a single-ended or balanced input. All goes. What you may need is this:

This doubles your preamplifier outputs. More on this here.

Next you need cables, either fully balanced, single-ended to balanced or balanced to single-ended to connect your preamplifier with your main power amplifier and Hypex plate-amp/dsp.
The critical point here is to know the gain of your main amplifier. Obviously this should be the same as the setting for the Hypex module and the gain of the Hypex amps can be adjusted from 0-32 dB, so any scenario should be possible.
The Hypex filter comes on a memory stick together with the Hypex modules from Jantzen Audio and contains the low-pass filter in four gain settings, making a total of 24, 26, 28 and 30 dB gain.
If further gain setting is needed this can be done in the Hypex Filter Design software. When you have installed the filter design software, connect the Hypex module and remember to set the unit to bridged mode. Then you click on filter design and open the file found on the memory stick. Here you can go through the four presets and further adjust gain if needed.
Check manual for connecting the speaker to your Hypex module. Speaker PLUS wire is connected to terminal J15 and MINUS wire to terminal J14. J14 is speaker+, but in bridged mode the signal is inverted, hence speaker PLUS til J15.


For US residents, make sure to connect Pin 1 and 2 for 115 volt operation. Jumper included in kit.

With the Hypex module occupying the former mid-tweeter section, we move this to the inside rear panel.

Connecting speaker to plate-amp in bridged mode.

Beryllium version.

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The mid-tweeter section is the same as for the passive 3-way.

If you use a tube amp for the MT section you may add a 1 kOhm resistors across speaker terminals or on the crossover board as some tube amp designers have concerns about a tube amp running a pure capacitive load. I never had any problems with this from my GlowMaster or EAR 861.

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You can buy the kit with or without the drivers - or some of the drivers if you already have some.
You can use the SBA Beryllium TW029BN-B dome (4 Ohm version) without changes to crossover.
Please ask Jantzen Audio for options.

Should you want to make the front grille, order 2 sqm cloth in the colour of your taste.
Also order grille pegs and grille catchers. See Jantzen Audio website for options or order neodym magnet on eBay.

The bass drivers can be had from various sources, e.g.:
http://www.lean-business.co.uk/eshop/bms-12n630-12-600-watt-neodymium-speaker-8-ohm-p-2566.html (217 £)
https://www.thomann.de/de/bms_12n6308_ohms.htm?ref=search_prv_6 (246 €)
Both very reliable dealers to my experience.

All kit and component prices may be subject to change and are always to be confirmed by Jantzen Audio Denmark.

Go to Jantzen Audio website for purchase

Download Complete Kit Sale Presentations (pdf file):

The kit includes the Hypex software on a memory stick.

All technical questions to troels.gravesen@hotmail.com

All questions regarding purchase of kits, please mail Jantzen Audio at contact@jantzen-audio.com


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Visitor quote: "Very realistic dynamic presentation, maybe partly due to amplification. Superb integration of mid and tweeter, never heard a hifi-loudspeaker with such homogenous integration of drivers."

I goes without saying that 500 watts for the bass driver has its impact. These Hypex digi amps holds the bass drivers in an iron fist. The FUSION-BAD is not a necessarily a badass, but it can certainly shake your guts if needed.
My tube amps feel very comfortable only driving the mid-tweeter sections and I can play even louder than before. The boost at 30 Hz added to the transfer function of the low-pass filter further adds to the perceived soundstage of the system. A 2nd order high-pass filter has been added at 20 Hz for those who favour vinyl playback.