ScanSpeak Ellam-FLEX-3W, built by Kennet
Copyright 2023 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels!
My name is Kennet Blom and I am from a town called Bollnäs in Sweden but I live in Spain since 42 years ago. I built your Elam xt some ten years ago and now I have built your Elam flex 3.They are conected to my Copland CSA 28 for two weeks now and I am really happy with them, a deep and clean low register, a midrange that makes me feel that I have a new record collection the tweeter was a bit edgie in the beginning but it's already much better. Really enjoy them.
I have built the boxes a little bit different from your drawings but I have kept all the measurements, you can get an idea of how I made them from the pictures. The midrange and tweeter box is the xt box modified.
So thank you again Troels for helping us hifi freaks to build really good high end speakers for a more than reasonable price!