Faital-3WC-10, built by Rafal
Copyright 2023 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels ,
First of all thank you so much once again for your patience towards me and millions of the questions I asked. Most importantly thank you for giving us the opportunity to use your design of truly high end speakers  
As I promised I would like to say a couple of words for the builders response. 
Is it easy to build for the DIY beginner? No it’s not. It took me about 7 looong days. 
Is it possible to build it even if you are not a diy man ? Yes ! I prove it . I’ve never built anything like this before and never soldered anything too. Remember- there’s a free helper- YouTube .
Believe in yourself ! No rush the things! 
Train cutting on the free wood you can get from b&q remains or friendly local carpenters. 
I don’t have many of the professional tools so made it with 22mm mdf , mdf SPAX screws (amazing screws which didn’t damage mdf at all -though I pre drilled with 1.5mm drill bit) plus gorilla wood glue. 
How much it costs in the Uk to put the speakers all together? I spent a bit more than £2K all together. 
Will you find any speakers around £2K playing the same league as faital 3wc10? I haven’t found anything that satisfies me in the Uk (listed the speaker up to £6K). I’d love to hear 3wc10 against the speakers for £10K - I’m sure they would not let me down. 
Sound? Individual thing. I’ll speak about my impressions. Balance between the highs, mids and lows that’s what comes to my mind. Though I falls in love with the mids I must admit. The voice reproduction is a die for thing. I love all of the echoes - the hall acoustics reproduction- amazing. Clean and detailed top end - beautiful. Bass very , very and I mean very well controlled with the nice short kicks and lots of detail . No booming - thanks to the front ports I guess. Placement - they are not fussy at all- I put them where my previous speakers were and I don’t try anything else as they sound great in my 16-20sqm room. 
I don’t know if the mechanical break in exists or it’s just a hearing perception but can’t wait to hear more of them with the time as now they are fresh (30hrs about). 
Photos include my previous Dali rubicon 2 speakers to give you the size image of the 3wc10. 
My wife likes them so still wife friendly stuff :-)
All the best! 
Rafal, New happy owner of the 3wc10