Faital-3WC-10, built by Eelco, The Netherlands
Copyright 2023 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels,
I finished these Faital 3WC-10 already before the summer of last year. So listened to them extensively and wanted to share my experiences.
Having build quite a number of lower quality DIY loudspeakers (at least from a components and costs point of view), I wanted to complete this on a high with what would be the punchline for my standards. So chose to build a 3-way design with a proper bass driver and ended up with the Faital 3WC-10.
I enjoyed building the loudspeakers and was lucky to use some equipment from a friend.  Sound wise, the result is very satisfactory. They have a full bodied sound and display a lot of details. The subtilities in instruments being played and the separation is just amazing.
They are connected either with 2 small class A mono blocks (Amp Camp Amp) or a Rega Elix-R and a NAD C658 Streamer with BluOS. The streamer has a room correction option (Dirac Live) but I don’t use that in combination with the mono blocks. It makes them sound to clinical, losing some of the warmth.
I prepared them for bi-amping for future experiments and have put them on stands that tilt them by 5 degrees.
Below some impressions of the build process and results.