CNO-T25, built by Ladislav Gabco, Slovakia
Copyright 2012 Troels Gravesen

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Dear Mr. Gravesen,
After the recommendation for your projects from my friend I had ordered from Jantzen CNO-T25 kit. This was my first DIY loudspeaker project. Veneering is waiting for the summer time - I can not do it inside the house now.
My present system is Audiolab 8200CD, preamp diy from Erno Borbely EB-703/32, amp diy from Mr. Dudek DPA 223. Previous loudspeaker - the source for comparison is Chario Delphinos.
I think that the nice relaxed sound of Chario is done mainly by lack of details and not sufficient clarity at the highest frequencies. In this sense the performance of CNO-T25 is completely other league. The clarity at high frequencies of CNO-T25 is distinct especially at the performance of classic rock, popular music and jazz. The feeling of reality is much higher. There is more details and deeper soundstage. The same is valid for the classical music for chamber and the small ensembles. On the other hand, I feel during complex orchestral passages at higher volume some colouration in both systems. I can not be sure whether another power amp could improve this but nevertheless I consider CNO-T25 excellent choice and very good value for money.
Thank you for your hard work and beautiful designs and I wish you a lot of success in your future work.
Ladislav Gabco