DTQWT-12, built by Stefano, Italy
Copyright 2013 Troels Gravesen

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 Hello Troels Gravesen.
It's a long time since I had the parts to build the DTQWT, but only in the last three months I've had the time and opportunity. I must say it was challenging, but the desire to hear them was really big and it made me continue passionately.
It 'about a week that I listen, and I must say they have a wonderful sound. What left me amazed is the detail offered by these DTQWT 12 ", my listening room for a little over 20 square meters has become a huge cathedral and engaging. My listening room is still under construction, in the sense that it is pretty empty, and I'm studying how soundproof properly without spending a fortune.
What left me impressed is the fact that at low frequencies thought to hear echoing the environment, but this did not happen. I've always listened to music with the QUAD ESL 63 pro. and I must say I do not get enough speakers, driven well can give priceless satisfaction, at least for me.
My basic system consists of: Audio Research SP8; QUAD classic 2 x 15watt from monophonic and Quad ESL 63 pro, multi took two cars built, one of which is filtered, cables above 3.4S and van den hul.
Recently I added some components, such as Jungson JA99D, music playback from PC with Foobar and dac Golden Note. Le DTQWT the'm flying with Jungson, and I must say that I think it's perfect, clear 100 watt supplies are to be handled with caution but I find that the DTQWT they are comfortable, the bass is fast and deep, not boomy but embracing and generous, the mids are wide open, and mate perfectly with the tweeter.
The quad 63 to detail is unsurpassed, but your DTQWT can do, on some occasions more. The sound is open, the listening position I have found that it is not as critical for esl 63, the sound is wide throughout the listening room, full of details and never tiring or too pointed.
All components intersect wonderfully and I find that despite the DTQWT 12 "are so great looking, dissolve when listening to music. In the frenzy to try I must say that I did not even hear a detailed and relaxed, I intend to do that within a short time. I'm curious to hear the sound DTQWT with quad 2 and their 15 watts, but I have to wait for the new valves!
For now I thank you from the projects implemented and made available to the DIY enthusiasts like me, and all the information that you put on your site that full of curiosity and encouragement to explore the topic: "listen to music".