DTQWT, built by David, Australia
Copyright 2014 © Troels Gravesen


This is a long overdue note to share my experience with the DTQWT build here in Sydney, Australia.
I discovered your site via a thread on Stereo.net.au, where a handful of DIYers discussed their process with the speaker build. I was hooked.
I’ve never built speakers before, and have very rudimentary woodworking skills, (basically, I had access to a table saw and that was about it). I learnt a number of things, but the most powerful was how accessible the build is. It’s a premium design and outcome, but the cabinets themselves can be sounding wonderful without a ton of skills or experience.
I chose to do mine in 18mm Birch ply. Not for any particular reason, I just didn’t want to go though the veneering process on MDF. I also just had enough left over to do the baffles, so did. 
The sound is divine, especially as the high efficiency allows use of all sorts of valve amplifiers. I’ve used them with a JungSon JA88D-09, plus 300B and 2a3 designed amps from Weston Acoustics. All have sounded great.
Many thanks again, David.