DTQWT, built by Max, Spain
Copyright 2014 © Troels Gravesen


 Dear Troels
Thank you very much for sharing your design! It took me about 3 month to complete the DTQWT working sometimes late night or catching few minutes in between.
That was my first DIY speaker project and I feel this to be continued when time/ budget allows.
I used 19 mm MDF sheets available on the market. Double layer 2 X 19mm used for the front and back baffles. After touch up with putty, front and aft baffles wrapped with car wrap film - black brushed aluminium.
The top and sides painted with white furniture paint, polished after.
The sound of speakers is amazing. I can say that I've rediscovered my music collection with these speakers and my wife stop complaining about music at all. There is no any fatigue after many hours listening. These speakers are very dependent on the quality of recordings.I had a chance to compare the sound to my neighbors Usher Dancer BE-20 speakers and found that transparency and treble is on the higher level in the same environment with the same music.
I did not hear any competitor speakers yet . Thank you again for your great work!
Best Regards from Spain, Max