DTQWT, built by Tonny, Denmark
Copyright 2014 © Troels Gravesen


Hej Troels.
I finally decided to built myself a pair of speakers. Never done that before... I wanted the speakers to be fairly sensitive, because I like Class A amps, which usually means low wattage. The built took about 2½ month, which isn’t too bad I think.
First impression of the sound: Dull... Nice midrange, nice voices, but dull and no dynamics. Bass was too heavy. I considered changing the resistor for the treble to try to open up the sound, but decided to wait and see (hear) what happened. In the next 1-2 month it got better, way better. So I’m glad I didn’t change anything. The sound opened up and the dull sound completely disappeared, so be patient here... 
I have read that Troels have his speakers placed 20-30 cm from frontwall, and thought it would work for me in my room. But it didn’t... To get the bass right, they need to be placed app. 80 cm from frontwall.   Now they sounds how I want them to sound. Crisp and dynamic with tight bass and lots of details.
Tonny Jensen