Ekta Grande, built by Dean/US
Copyright 2012 Troels Gravesen

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Dear Troels.
Following extensive searching and design reviews of DIY speakers I chose the Ekta Grande. I must admit this was a challenging build for the first time. I began the project in Mid December 2011 and finished April 1, 2012. I followed the cabinet plan, driver selection and crossover design precisely as they were laid out. The results are incredible - I have never heard sound with this clarity. The ScanSpeak drivers all blend seamlessly. I have heard that when the speakers disappear and all you hear is beautiful sound that is the goal - mission accomplished!
I sincerely thank you for your contributions and willingness to make your designs available for all to see - you are an asset to the high end audio community.
Best Regards,
Dean, Minnesota, U.S.A.