Illumina 66, built by Giuliano
Copyright 2014 © Troels Gravesen


Hi Troels,
I hope very fine, yesterday finally i finish my Illumina 66 and now i'm starting warm-up. My first impression is a very big and focus image, then, what take my attension is the thickness of the musical instrument, they are very similar to real instrument.
I drive the illumina 66 with two stereo amp symphonic line (about 130Wrms) and there's no problem, they drive very easily the system, the only problem in a little enphasis on upper bass and lover bass are a little bit empty, but i'm sure after warm-up and an accurate positioning in my room the situation will change.
Yesterday my friend remain shocked about the illumina 66, he told me " this is the first time for me, I never hear similar 6+1system with this sound" and globally I have the same impression, now the next step is a good finiture, i think black transparent... I will send you the other photos when all is complete.
It was a very hard job but i'm very very happy,  thank you Troels for your GREAT job.
Kind Regards