Jensen 1071, built by Ziggy, Poland
Copyright 2014 © Troels Gravesen


Hello Troels,
I have successfully completed the Jensen 1071 speakers based on your project. Thank you for publishing your designs on the net, because the resulting sound is spectacular. I am very happy with the obtained results.
The sound has a big authority in it, shaking the house and my guts with the lowest possible bass registers, and does so with the utmost ease, as if it was a "non-issue". It is the bass of a Beast. Very convincing. Notwithstanding the above mentioned, I am just as happy and pleased with the midrange and the highest registers.
Although the latter are not as front running, or exposed as in my previous, horn based setup, to which I got acquainted to, the overall combination of midrange and highs is very detailed, full of air, and provides for a very convincing stereo imagery. But most of all: NATURAL.
I am deep in the illusion that the singers are standing in front of me. Stereo is too little said, as it would suggest a 2D imaging.  What I am experiencing here is actually a full 3D sound scene, with the sound "disconnecting" from the speakers, filling out the full "stage" with the performance. Very pleasing. There were some minor deviations from original box design, due to the fact that I used triple thickness of some of the cabinet walls, which, in order to maintain internal volume, had a slight impact on the "outer" size of the boxes. All the rest, very much unchanged, in terms of cabinet design and cross-over component values.
The whole set weighs a quarter of a ton (=250kg).  When I was making the decision as to the wall thickness, I sort of forgot to consider the "kilograms" implications. But this is all to the benefit of the sound. No compromises. Once again, many thanks for your designs. Yet more photos of the works in progress are available on my blog page, as below.
Best Regards, Ziggy, Warsaw, Poland

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