Jenzen Diamonds, built by Nigel/Australia
Copyright 2014 © Troels Gravesen


Hi Troels, Just a brief email to let you know I have finally completed your Jenzen D's. I've included two pics, the start and the finish. I can send more if you wish. It really is not easy to take a decent photo of a glossy black surface is it... This is more to show that no matter what you dream up, there are people out here that will bring it into life. Your welcome to use the pics on your site. From myself, and the countless others you have inspired and helped, Many many thanks. Nigel, from Queensland.


Hello from Australia Troels.

I would like to share with you (and your readers if you see fit) my freshly completed Jensen D's. I had a cabinet maker lined up, but for various reasons that fell through. After waiting a life time, I was anxious to hear what these could offer so I cobbled together some very rough cabinets in short order. Each one consumed almost an entire sheet of 25mm mdf, and about 40kg (each bare cabinet). I made these as a single box construction and went for a standard ported enclosure rather than your designed T.L. One picture shows one of my 'old' Ekta's for a size comparison. The Ekta's are a superb speaker, very musical in all regards. But they just have no hope against these Jenzen D's. They are more, clinical, than the Ekta's. Where the Ekta's are a laid back sound, the Jensen D's are more responsive. Clean treble, you just don't notice the tweeter. Yes the treble is absolutely there, but its just, 'there', not being spoilt by a cone material character. The midrange, I can't tell where it starts or stops. Very much like the tweeter, again it just exists. The bass is just so fast it's constantly surprising me. I've run then from a Pass Labs J2 (25w class A) and a Pass Labs x150 (150w class A/B). They give decent volume on the 25W class A, but with the X150, they take on a new life, seemingly endless in their ability. I hope to have 'proper' cabinets early in the new year (2014). Huge thanks again for yet another superb design. Nigel.........


Finished 2014



2013 images

I replaced the tweeters silver cap with an alumen and was stunned by the amount of 'grain' they removed. Grain that I didn't know was there :)
I then replaced the midrange superiors ($$$ Ouch) And again things became cleaner.
Where will it all end :D