OBL-11, built by Olav, Norway
Copyright 2012 Troels Gravesen

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Hi Troels
The OBL-11 is playing promising. My experience is that they need long burn in time. They were terrible the first 20 hours, now after approximately 200 hours they really start coming alive. I love the feeling of live music, the tone and dynamics is excellent. The amplifiers I use is a bi-amp set up by us of two Audio Note Kit2 (2*18watt single ended KT88 per speaker). I have a 20m2 HI-FI room. For the moment I play a lot of trash metal and even black metal, and the speaker’s rock like hell. This is the best speaker I have had in my HI-FI room. I also listen to the AN/E Kit 3 and Klipsch RF5 on my HI-FI system.
The OBL-11 speakers really play the tone of the recordings and no boxy sound is present. I put on Dire Straits (sultans of swing) and Eagels (hell freezes over) only to break from metal and it playing excellent. Even classic music plays nice.
My stereo is upgraded and tweaked to perfection, only the “best” components are used, and this appears by the sound of the speakers.
I am also locking into some push pull mono blocks amplifiers to really kick the metal out of the speakers. I can come back to this project later, and review two well burned in OBL-11 speakers.
Best regards

An OBL-11 update:

Refer to OBL-11, built by Olav, Norway
All the components have now burn in nicely and the speakers have really come to life, in a high-quality way.
I have now built some ANK push pull 40w mono blocks for the OBL-11 speakers and using two “road brick” per speaker. This was an impressive upgrade. The speaker can play dangerous load, 110dB without distortion is no problem. Wow, this is cool.