OBL-11, built by Sergio, US
Copyright 2013 Troels Gravesen

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 Hello Troels,
I've recently sold my Jenzen Seas ER to make room for the next project. Long ago, I had decided the OBL-11s would be my next build. I could not be happier with the decision. The bass is the BEST I've ever heard from ANY speaker… up to include the Focal Stella Utopia! I know this might be a bold statement for some, but fact for me. I have about 10 hours on the OBLs so far and I'm noticing a slight opening up of the midrange. I'm powering them with VTL M125 PP mono blocks (KT120); dynamics are ridiculous! At the cost of making a copy cat statement, they sound the closest to live music I've ever experienced.
Once again, I thank you for your continued flow of information and top notch designs.
Sincerely, Sergio