PMS, built by Rik, Belgium
Copyright 2014 © Troels Gravesen


Dear Troels,
After I listened to them for some months in my living room, it took some courage to take my PMS back upstairs for the final finish.
Building was quite a challenge, but it was a pleasure to do some handwork again after many years,  and I’m satisfied with the result.  The cast iron feet and the grill on the back give a vintage touch.
The CA26RFX was a good tip. I only changed C3021 to 87µF. The crossovers finally got a separate cabinet.  As the big woofer magnet comes quite close to the back panel, I provided a magnetic shield ( 1mm iron sheet ) on the inside.
I mainly listen classical music, and my favourite ”concert hall seat" is at a distance of 5-6 metres. There I don’t hear two separate speakers, but a nicely spreaded and balanced sound. High and mid are well blended and never fatiguing even at higher levels. All very natural and relaxing.
Best regards,