SEAS Classic 3-Way mkII, built by Kalle/Finland
Copyright 2014 © Troels Gravesen


Hello again!
The project is now done and I just wanted to tell you some impressions on the whole thing.
First of all. I could not have done this without your help and I thank you for that. Big thanks. 
Firstly, the build.  I had some problems chamfering the driver mounts and the rear breathing space chamfering. It isn't as easy as it seems at first glance. Measuring the radius was particularly difficult but I managed. I'm not entirely happy with the end result but it will do.  You are right about making little grooves for the inside bracing. I didn't have the means to do this and it really cost me. The assembly stage was extremely difficult. Again, I managed.  Soldering takes a little time for someone to be good at. I have basic electronic skills and this was still a bit of a struggle. Fun none the less. They may not be the nicest joints out there but they are surely made by me :D
Second. The sound. I like 'em! (had to get that out first) Like you have repeatedly said on you website, it is difficult to describe the sound of a loudspeaker to another person. I'll take a stab at it anyway. They are full, agile and rich in detail. I initially had the 2r2 attenuation resistor but quickly changed it to 2r7 as this indeed was more to my liking. The highs are crystal clear and to use a tired HIFI review phrase, I could hear things I've not heard before. The 27tffc really is an amazing tweeter. Smooth but detailed.  Mids are also very nice. There is a lot of detail to be had and the design in my opinion brings it out really well. I've heard some other 3way speakers like the harbeth ones and they actually fall short on delivering as much mid detail as your design.  Bass is tight and full. Initially I found them to be a little lean, but this actually changed a LOT after some usage. I have been a little sceptical about "burn in" time but it really does seem to make a difference. They've had some 30 hours of playtime now.  The bass is what I had hoped to increase with this project as my previous speakers left something to be desired in that department. This was accomplished, and then some. 
All in all, a very, very nice speaker. I like them a lot. I had some trouble with the box but the sound they make more than make up for the anguish of the build.  As I said before in my previous emails, this is my first DIY and for the effort I really got my moneys worth. Fantastic design and not too difficult, if you can do the woodwork. I'm secretly already thinking about a new build ;).
A little side note about the sound and source.  I tested the speakers at first with music coming through PC-spotify. I do this because It's easy to quickly change songs and test a wide variety of music. There was something a little off with sound. Something about the treble I couldn't quite pinpoint. It sounded a little strained and harsh.  Then I tested some of the same tracks with cds and vinyl and I was amazed at how different it sounded. All the harshness was gone and there was waaaay more air between instruments etc. I hadn't heard this difference this prominently with my previous speakers but with the 3ways there was a huge difference. I will begin to digitize my cd collection this weekend. No more spotify if it can be avoided. It's nice to have if you're on the move or just for background music but for serious listening it just isn't enough.  There is an external DAC between the PC and amp.
This has also been a learning journey as I really didn't understand how the crossover functions before this and I'm still trying to understand it. But at least I have a better understanding than I did before the project.  Your help has been invaluable and I sincerely thank you for that.  So thanks again and I hope you have a very nice year 2015.

Best regards  Kalle